Two Coyotes Tough Mudder

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The Story

EVENT DATE: Oct 08, 2017

Get covered in Glory! 

The Tough Mudder obsticale challenge helps us offer scholarships and support programs to work with underserved populations.


Two Coyotes connects children to their strength, dreams, and wildness.


To Join the Tough Mudder Team:

1. Click on the set up your fundraiser button to the right.


2. Click "start your own fundraiser"


3. Set a goal and fill in a description of what you are doing. (we reccomend $1000)


Use this description or write your own.

"I am going to get covered in mud to help raise a generation of empowered youth.


Two Coyotes Wilderness School provides powerful programs that raise kids with resilience, grit, vision, and compassion.


Help me to to support thier work by making a donation today.  I am raising $1000 to support the school. I believe in this so much I am going to run miles through mud, plunge into ice cold water and scale giant mud covered walls!


Help me do this by making a donation today."



4. Get your fundraiser link and share with freinds on facebook in individual messages and on your wall.


5. Buy tickets to the October 8th Tough Mudder half event in NJ


6. Meet us on October 8th in NJ to run the tough mudder.


7. Thank you and congratulations.  You just helped 6 kids attend camp or supported us taking a bringing classes of kids from a local city into nature to explore, grow and learn.

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