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United States Power Soccer Associat...
Tax ID: 20-5685042
BASED: Indianapolis, IN, United States


More Than Just A Sport

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For the past 10 years, the United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) has given  athletes with severe disabilities the opportunity to participate in the team sport of soccer.  The mission of the USPSA is truly more than just the sport; it’s about changing lives and  creating opportunities where none before existed.  

Today, power soccer has the potential for explosive growth. In 2017, the United States  will host the sport’s most prestigious international event, the World Cup, in Kissimmee,  Florida.  The USPSA and its national team have been working diligently to not only be the best  power soccer team in the world, but also the most dynamic host. Team USA will be  defending back-­to-­back World Cup titles, the first at the inaugural cup in Tokyo, Japan,  followed four year later by a second World Cup championship in Paris, France.  

In July of 2017, eighty of the world’s most elite power wheelchair athletes will converge  in Florida to demonstrate their abilities and bring added attention to this exciting sport.

How You Can Help 
As a 100% volunteer­ driven organization, we could use your help in making this event a  possibility. Costs for the United States to host and attend the 2017 Cup on their home turf  will run upwards of $700,000. To put it simply, our power soccer athletes could use  some of your own generous power and support. We are seeking donations of $20.17 to  signify this once ­in ­a­ lifetime event. Your donation will support the needs of Team  USA’s power soccer team, as well as fulfill our obligations in hosting the third  quadrennial World Cup.  Team USA would like to thank you for taking the time to learn about our team. Your  support will not only make this event possible, but open doorways for future players as  well.  

Roll Up! 
Get on board with Team USA and show your support for power soccer! Visit our website  to hear the personal stories of power soccer’s impact on Team USA’s athletes.  Don’t Forget to Share with Your Friends! Please also share our event on your social media pages with the hashtags  #FIPFAworldcup and #RollPower. 

Tax ID: 20-5685042 •


Indiana Soccer

Indiana Soccer

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* USPSA General Donations

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2017 FIPFA World Cup

2017 FIPFA World Cup




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