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Here's a July vote for you -…
Here's a July vote for you - look for my vote next month too .
Visit may page - a return vote would be great (just click the + sign next to my name)
Don't forget to check out my projects - join my team - donations gratefully accepted.
Unmasking Mental Illness
End Stigma of Mental Illness
Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund
8 years ago
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Debbie SAYS:
I love reading"Wired". This…
I love reading"Wired". This must be sychronicity. My daughter
just got her Elementary Education degree. We always talk about
changing Education. Then I never Tweet, but somehow find myself
at Edward Norton's Khan Academy tweet. Click..this is exactly what
my daughter and I had in mind for a change. Projects in the classroom
and being creative. Most important is time to "Get out of the box" giving
back to the community schooling for kids. But believe it or not-the computer
for every child is still an issue.Many people have had to give up their internet
service due to finances. The poor have children that need shoes,food,you get
the picture. I have talked with people about this issue. We live in WA state and
so are in techie country with Bill Gates. I myself tried to homeschool an injured
son through high school and failed. But how to get kids to computers after school
and how to get them in the schools ?. You really need to be doing away with books'
and giving kids an IPAD. But then you first need to teach them computer skills in
1st grade along with alphabet,reading, and writing. They have to know how to keep
those computers safe. Your total idea is wonderful,but it does require more money
going into schools now at a time when they are cutting way back. I see the access
to computers as your biggest issue. I totally vote for your idea. I just don't want
schooling to be totally online. Kids learn too much about social cues, body language,
communication,brainstorming,community, and need to be a part of a classroom.
You can't learn in a vacuum.
8 years ago
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Elise Marie
Elise Marie SAYS:
Greetings from Norway, how a…
Greetings from Norway, how are you doing? Here is my June vote for you!

"No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted".
- Aesop, Greek fabulist

Elise Marie

PS. Please check out my newest fundraiser American Red Cross Tornado Relief and please become a teammember and donate: www.crowdrise.com/tornado
8 years ago
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Brenda SAYS:
Welcome to Crowdrise!! Here…
Welcome to Crowdrise!! Here is a June vote (100 points), to help you get rolling!! Great to see you have already chosen a project!! You are off to an awesome start!!

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal." ~Albert Pike
8 years ago
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Chris SAYS:
Here is a June vote for you!
Here is a June vote for you!
8 years ago
New York, NY United States
Stuff About Me:

WIRED is known for reporting on how new and developing technology affects culture, the economy, and politics, but we also want to take action and help societies around the world to continue to develop and prosper, which is why we have just launched a new fundraising project for The Khan Academy.

As a community, our readers are some of the most intelligent and open minded people on the planet. We want to leverage this crowd to do some good in the world and that is why we have created this page on Crowdrise. 

We will be launching a few projects that reflect efforts that our community care about. We hope you get involved and if you have something specific that you think we should be showcasing, write us and let us know.

The Khan Academy is all about utilizing technology in order to help advance learning all over the world, regardless of where you live or what kind of school you attend.

Please check out our project below and help us raise money for this outstanding organization. Together we can help revolutionize the way we do education. 

Thanks for all of your support.

Your friends at WIRED



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