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Join the Weizmann Institute in Supporting Alternative Energy Research.


Even before “climate change” became a household phrase, Weizmann Institute of Science investigators were innovators in energy research. Whether harnessing the sun at the on-campus solar field or studying algae as a next-generation biofuel, they have been creating the urgently needed energies of the future. However, as the effects of climate change become more apparent, a wider range of studies is needed; enter the Alternative Energy Research Initiative, or AERI. Donor funding of the AERI enables the Weizmann Institute to pursue more innovative “high-risk/high-gain” research directions than is typically possible. 


There will not be a solution to our energy problem; rather, there will be many solutions, and we will need all of them, together. Using the AERI to guide advanced research on new energy forms, the Weizmann Institute and its collaborators are making serious progress toward finding these solutions.


Your funding efforts help support scientists who are developing tomorrow’s energy!


To learn more about the Weizmann Institute’s pursuit of clean, green energy, read:


Basic Science for a Clean Energy Future: The Alternative Energy Research Initiative


Plant Power: Algae as Alternative Energy


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