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Join the Weizmann Institute in Defeating Childhood Diseases.


From conception through leaving the nest, any number of factors can turn the blessing of new life into something else entirely. That’s why the Weizmann Institute of Science is using a range of approaches to better understand, prevent, detect, and treat childhood diseases such as birth defects, autism, and even allergies.


The deciphering of the human genome has dramatically opened up the ways in which childhood diseases can be examined. For example, by using genomics and new technologies such as advanced imaging, Weizmann scientists are gaining insight into embryonic development, the origin of many defects and developmental delays. They are also using sophisticated tools to study disorders that manifest in childhood: metabolic diseases, such as diabetes; cancer, with a focus on leukemia; immune system dysregulation, including asthma and allergies; neurological disorders, such as autism and Fragile X; and genetic storage diseases, such as Tay Sachs and Gaucher disease. It is hoped that, as new genetic technologies are developed, it will become possible to cure disease-causing genetic defects in fetuses, rather than treating the condition later in life.


Your generosity will help scientists find ways to save children from suffering!


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