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Join the Weizmann Institute in Advancing Humankind through Robotics.


The Weizmann Institute of Science’s multidisciplinary environment makes it an ideal place for robotics to flourish: computer scientists, neurobiologists, nanoscientists, and others collaborate to take this fascinating field in creative new directions. Robotics can help humankind in a number of ways: improving healthcare, conducting rescue missions, exploring extreme environments. Weizmann mathematicians have made great advances in the ongoing quest to incorporate elements of human intelligence – particularly vision and control of movements – into robots. In addition, working with scientists from seven other countries, they are creating innovative touch technologies, based on principles of active sensing that occur in the animal kingdom. One such invention is a robotic rat, complete with whiskers (sensors). The whiskered robot will be able to quickly locate, identify, and capture moving objects, and is expected to be used in rescue missions and in space exploration.


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