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Join the Weizmann Institute in supporting Science Education for Children.


Each year, hundreds of people come to the Weizmann Institute of Science to learn about science. With programs for everyone from young children to high school grads to teachers to the general public, Weizmann is inspiring new scientists, creating science-literate citizens, and sharing our love of science. Administered by Weizmann’s Davidson Institute of Science Education, just a few of these programs include:


  • Hands-on activities to challenge and advance gifted science students
  • “Science therapy” to help troubled teens turn their lives around
  • The Science Mobile, a lab in a van, which brings science education to students in remote or war-torn areas, even in hospitals
  • Continuing education and professional development for science teachers, keeping them current with scientific breakthroughs and teaching methods


Part of the Weizmann Institute’s mission is sharing knowledge, and these outreach programs produce real results that help shape the futures of these children, fostering confidence, curiosity, and pride.

Your support will continue this legacy of improving lives through science education!


To learn more about the Weizmann Institute’s science education programs for kids, read:


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Inspiring Future Scientists

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Science for Children

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