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Join the Weizmann Institute in Revealing the Origins of the Universe. 


New technologies have transformed astrophysics from a theoretical field into one that is dynamic and cutting-edge, with the Weizmann Institute of Science leading the way in extraordinary accomplishments such as watching supernova explosions in real time.


Prof. Avishay Gal-Yam is a cosmic detective, seeking to identify the stars that explode in supernovas. These stars, though far away, have a great deal to do with life on Earth today, as solving their mysteries can provide vital clues about the origins of the elements – including those necessary for life itself. They can also help answer cosmological questions about the beginning of the universe, and its potential end. Now, Prof. Gal-Yam’s work is poised to take a historic step forward, thanks to an exciting new project called ULTRASAT. An international collaboration led by the Weizmann Institute, NASA, and Caltech, this satellite will study the ultraviolet (UV) sky, providing new knowledge and helping resolve some basic questions about massive star death. ULTRASAT is Weizmann’s first actual foray into space – a great step indeed for a small institution!


Your fundraising efforts will help us explore the universe!


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