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Join the Weizmann Institute in Protecting Our Water.


In the next 10 years, close to half of the world’s population could face serious health and economic problems due to lack of water. In order to meet our soaring demand and dwindling resources, humankind must find smarter ways of using its water supply. Anticipating this crisis, Weizmann Institute of Science researchers have spent years developing solutions such as sophisticated water management and pollution cleanup methods.


In part thanks to foresight and in part due to the need to solve the problems that come with living in a dry climate, Weizmann Institute researchers have been working for decades to meet this challenge, finding approaches to efficient and sophisticated water management.  For example, they have created an environmentally friendly method of removing pollutants from water; constructed sensors to detect pollution; and developed desalination technologies. Together, such efforts just might keep our water clean.

Help us make sure that there is enough clean water for everyone! Your funds make a difference.


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Protecting Our Water

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