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a charity will help homeless cats to survive

Organized by: aboubakr khiat

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Every day these innocent and gentle animals be killed brutally Of such human monsters, who enjoy killing those cats and dogs in streets I want to save their lives to move them outside city far from And take care of them myself I need only your help and support for food and treatment I will be a sponsor Please help to stop suffering these pets Your donations will be a a big solution for funds I need to collect these small creatures and move out for a far and safe place from these inhumane people and look after them daily and check them out from time to time it will my charity job after finish my work and get back home I am waiting all of you to stand with me you can contact me and ask any thing you see appropriate to end this phenomenon I tried instead I have limited English language To send my calling to the world for standing with me as one person hand on hand I say 10$ from 500 donors will open a freedom door for these cats and dogs That's my word I need to hear yours Donations to support and help in order to treat and feed ،shelter Hundreds of stray and lost and unprotected and homeless cats and dogs A lot of these pets, which are exposed to murder, torture and skinning the skin and slaughtered, by inhumane people ، They attacked them and treat them brutally , There are plenty of sick and wounded and injured dogs and cats in my town mila Algeria which need an human to protect them and feed them and And drive them out to safety and safe place Away from the city and human monsters، those innocent and weak dogs and cats looking forward who can be able to take care of them and look after them and sponsor them These animals I am saddened for it I have been affected to their situation ، My heart has been torn from crying My high goal is I want extremely save their lives and I want to chose a place away from the city to gather them in special and private shelter to them Your support and your donations will encourage me in order to be their sponsor Who will provide what I can in order to give mercy and compassion for those small creatures Your gift for these cats and dogs will be saved their lives and treated them from injuries and sicks and wounds and feed them My hopes and ambitious is yours for a better life to these kind animals we love and share with them our daily hours next to them and close to them every where and any time I could not fancy see pregnant female cat in streets with their little kids hungry in hot of summer and cold of winter I have a feeling and heart That's kill me to see an injured dog suffering alone with pain and hunger no one take care of it or throw a piece of bread to fill it stomach oh god I love these animals my heart aching to see them like that suffering in my community and my town Please hand on hand together we can build a good place for these kind animals for better live I want to be their sponsor I love to be in their daily life and close to them at any time to give my hand to them and feel what they feel My smile is yours donors Your gifts is a mercy to them Please help to build a better place for these cats and dogs I don't want to see them in city streets any more ,killed and punished and skinned and slaughtered no no no non no I say no thousands of times iam ready to do any thing for them They are weak creatures between human monsters who enjoy killing and punishing them I want you all to stand with me, in order to build a special place for these animals, outside the city, and care, I could not find any one help me to achieve this noble work, You and I, we can cooperate in order to provide a decent life and future to these homeless and lost pets Your donation will be a hope to cats and dogs here in my town We have a soul and a body we feel quietly like them They are waiting me and you to save them To survive do not be hesitated We are depending on your assistance


Organized by

aboubakr khiat

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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