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a child's second Chance from a broken neglected home

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A 2year old sweet innocent boy lived in a home without love ,with out attion, neglect physically emotionally. for most of his little life he hasn't had a Christmas or a birthday never seen a doctor this child has a sister and two older brother 's who live with this two year olds father's ex wife . This sweet boy who has been neglected abandoned emotional and physical, has been with his sister and 2brother's mother's home all though she does it on her own to raise the three she has.Barley gets by with the little income she has ,she can't see this child of god's be with out. It's been almost 4months now his mom neglected abandoned this sweet child who has so much work an catching up on to emotionally ,physically to recover.this child's siblings mother dad's ex wife has been doing everything thing she can too pick up the broken peace's to this sweet innocent boy who has nothing but nightmares, sadness ,no love needs so much attention ,time medical expenses , an therapy room too play and grow with his siblings he loves so much.this mother who worked hard her whole life for everything she has for her 3kids now who she don't get help with, but tries so hard too give them all she can the love , time, attention, food, clean clothes, does family stuff with them does all she can with the little bit she has.known all this sweet innocent 2year olds past where he came from all the care an extra support ,doctor visit this child needs, stressful as it is for this mom of three is she took this child in her home to try to clean him up give him her time her love ,clean clothes the care he needs ,as she Begin's to get to know the child an all the extra expenses and care he need's realizing trying to reach out to this child other family and friend's to help her she realizes how sad that it is know one wants this sweet innocent child. Heartbreaking as it is ,this mother of three tries so hard not to give up on him he depends on her to save him to fight for him .The cost of the extra expenses on top of her own bills and kid's is slowly climbing getting behind because she can't get to her jobs because childcare is too high the lack of sleep she gets each night because he's awake screaming with nightmares from the place he was abandoned, and neglected for so long.This mom that's his siblings mom holds him an loves him like her order too keep him she has to get into a place with enough rooms for all them ,in order to be approved by the courts and state she has to go to court and fight ,all this child's medical and therapy he needs is so high ,she's scared because she's running out of option's she's unable to work because of the problems this child's has the therapy doctor visit to get him where he needs is too much to bare alone. The fear of loosing her kids baby brother and how heart breaking it would be to them is too much to we all keep praying , and staying strong hoping for a miracle for this sweet boy to stay together with his siblings and there mom ,if everyone could pull together join together and help with this family to. Keep their baby brother give him the life an care he deserves. It would be a blessing to this sweet child of god's please thank you.



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carol is working on selecting a charity so you can support a child's second Chance from a broken neglected home.