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A College Dream

Organized by: Jenn Hammond

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April 20, 2016

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I am trying to graduate college from American Business and Technology University for Health Information Technology. There is one problem. I got denied for financial aid. I finished one class and have started another. My first class I got an A and my second class I'm doing excellent in. I have been through alot in life and I want to get the best possible future I can. I do not want to work retail the rest of my life. Especially with all of my health issues. If in any way you can help me and fund my tuition I will be very grateful.


Growing up as a child was rough for me. My dad tried abusing me while my mom blocked the crib to protect me from getting hit because I was a “mistake”. My parents ended up getting divorced when I was three and to this day I remember in a Pizza Hut parking lot I was in the back window of the car screaming and crying, “Daddy stop”, from my dad beating the hell out of my mom. She had huge bruises on her arms. Remember I was 3 and I remember this. Later on in my life I was sick around the age of 3 and a half. I had bladder reflux. So when I went to the bathroom my urine would go back up in my ureters and sit in my kidneys. That created e-coli in both of my kidneys. One day my mom noticed I didn't look too well and took me to the doctor. They did no tests and sent me home saying I just had a stomach flu. Well another day went by, I had a fever that wouldn't go down. I wouldn't eat or drink anything and I kept throwing up. My grandma was a nurse and told my mom to go to the doctor and don't leave until they do tests on me. They finally did some tests and I was rushed straight to the hospital and put on IV immediately. If they would have sent me home I would have been dead the next day. There is a medication called Bactrim that I was on for most of my life to prevent any more infections. I went to Riley Children's hospital every three weeks for checkups. When I was 8 I had major surgery. They reimplanted my ureters so the bladder reflux stopped happening constantly. To this day my bladder is very thickened and I have kidney problems and bladder problems. I can't feel when I need to go to the restroom unless my bladder is filled and about to explode.

I was an only child and my mother is a single mother. Since my dad didn't want to be part of my life. He paid child support here and there but not fully. Whenever he stopped paying child support that is when things got rough. My mom and I were struggling financially. I tried working to help her and when she lost her job is when things fell through the roof. Part of the reason I live in Michigan now.

Whenever my mom was stressed she would take out her anger on me. She is bipolar and people who are bipolar are very difficult to deal with, but I did it. Mental abuse daily. Being called a b****, idiot, moron, c**t, loser, worthless. Sometimes she would scratch me or bruise me. Being removed by the police one night because of one of her episodes and living with a co worker I didn't even know the day before Christmas Eve. I would try and get away from her as much as I could by staying with friends. I struggled every single day until I moved here in michigan. I was on food stamps because I barely ate. My weight was at 112.

In 2013 a friend I had at the time let me use their car to drive to get things from my house. .The friend knew I only had a permit and the passanger said he had his license so I thought everything was okay to drive. She had to work that day so she was working while I borrowed the car. In the car with me I had a 12 year old and two other teenagers. One saying they had their license. I finally got to my destination and wanted to back up. I stepped on the gas a little bit and the car took off in reverse. I was standing on the brakes but the car would not stop. Trying to think in this chaos was difficult so I had two choices. Hit a building or go into a busy road that could end up killing all of us along as others. So I picked the building. Once I impacted the building the car stopped and I had window glass from the building all over me. Nobody else was hurt. I was in shock and was crying. The police and ambulance showed up quickly. Turns out the kid who said they had their license had a suspended permit and I got charged with a ticket for driving without a licensed driver. Which I had paid. I had called the girl who let me use the car and told her I couldnt get her from work. She still asked if I could pick her up from work while the tow truck was getting the car out of the building. Later on the building insurance company comes after me for 13,000. unfortunetly I couldnt make it to the hearing so I lost my case and now have to pay 150.00 a month for something that wasnt my fault. I now have a drivers license, but no car.

In 2014 I found out why my whole body was killing me. I was diagnosed with scoliosis. Along with having found out I have plantar fasciitis and tendonitis of my achielles and tibulis. I was also born with my ankle twisted a little to the left so my podiatrist said later in life my left hip will be messed up. I also used to love horses. I wanted to go riding one day until I got bucked off and rolled on by a horse. My leg is still not trained from that incident and I have memory issues from it also that doctors can't find. I am ADHD and have panic disorder. I used to go to physical therapy and my doctors arent cheap so guess who is in debt.

Finally I get a good job here in michigan. I have an awesome roommate. Plus college life couldnt be better. Wrong, I got denied for financial aid. My school wants me to withdraw and figure things out. I finally was happy that I got into college. So my first semester is about to be wiped out and I owe 1800 on top of that now. I am currently in a class that they are about to take me out of. So I guess life is on hold right now till I figure things out. Its so hard doing this stuff alone though. Not having my mom here helping me is killing me. Or any family for that matter. My best friend and her daughter that I love so so much are in indiana. But michigan is meant for me to be here I just know it. I just want to be happy in life and not work retail for the rest of my life. I want a better future for myself but I keep getting knocked down time and time again. I need prayers and answers. My stress cant take much more. With all my bills I won't have any money for awhile so there goes me getting a car. And college wants 497.00 a month from me on top of my other bills. I only make 9 an hour and get about 350.00 every two weeks. So that makes 700 a month?


Rent: 200

Credit Card: 170

College: 497

Lawyer: 150

Phone Bill: 57

Medical Bills: all add up to about 450 total

If I dont pay my medical it equals about a grand a month.




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Jenn Hammond

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