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Hello, my name is briyton hamilton. I have a 23 month old daughter, her name is sky. She is currently in the hospital and she has been in the hospital ever since she was born. She was born prematurely at 6 months and developed dead bowels in her stomach 3 weeks after her birth. was intubated 3 times and her whole body including her face was swollen like an inflated balloon with her stomach being even bigger. Nurses continuously flushed her with morphine for her pain. The doctors said most babies don't live past 24 hours with her condition. But amazingly and thank God we made it past 24 hours, but she was still intubated and was in serious pain. We would see her trying to cry, but the tube that was down her throat prevented her from making a sound. we had to watch her around the clock to see if she was suffering from pain and if the morphine wore off so we could ask the nurse for more morphine. We could only tell by her face expressions. Everyone including the doctors and the nurses spoke to us like she wasnt going to make it. The priest even came to her crib and prayed over her before her surgery, but by the power of God the pulled through. they took out over 75 percent of her bowels and left the remaining bowels out. She had so little bowels, the doctors was talking about intestine transplant for her because they didn't think they could connect the little bit of bowels she had left. But the part of her intestines they didn't think was going to grow mysteriously grew and they was able to connect her bowels. She was drinking milk out of the bottle by herself until they sent her to blythsdale childrens hospital in valhalla ny. The nurses was neglecting her in that hospital and she got dehydrated. She has never drunk out the bottle again after her dehydration. We immediately got her transfered back to harlem hospital. as a result, she now has a central line surgically placed near her heart so she can grow and get her protine, and she has a feeding tube in her stomach because she will not eat anything by mouth, and still has these complications till this day. There are so many miracles this baby pulled off, so many things she went through and is still going through, so much pain, so much mistreatment by nurses, and so many back to back problems that I can't tell you everything on here (way too long story). She has had 17 surgeries all together, ) i was right there by her side and is still by her side till this day. I have quit jobs just so I can watch her and be her voice as well as protect her from the dangers of the hospital. I have another 14 year old daughter. The mother does not allow me to see her out of spite, due to emotions towards me (which has nothing to do with the child). I am trying so desperately to get myself together so I could get conjoined custody of my oldest daughter and have a stable home for both of My daughters, but it's like my past is one of the things holding back me back. every time I couldve landed a good job, my felony pops up and i get judged. Yes, i have a felony because i took the blame for something that was not mines. I have paid my dept to society and i am a changed man and dont hang around those kind of people anymore. I just got my class A cdl permit and i cant pay for truck school because its too much and the financial aid rejects me because of my case. I have school loans unpaid and i can't get too into a job because every time I do, something happens with my daughter and I have to watch her. I don't trust these nurses. There are so many incidents that has happened where the nurses really are careless towards the child and I don't feel comfortable with her being there by herself. It's like a can't excape minimum wage and I can't maintain one because of my situation. When i am not working, i sometimes go almost 2 days without eating. I have no family support. I'm just looking for some type of help and every donation would be greatly appreciated. This child has been through enough and i am just trying to make a better life for her. If not help, a prayer will help alot too. I am always at new york pryspaterian hospital with my daughter. Just want to get my life together the best way I could. Thank you for reading this


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