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A Lions Heart

A Lions Heart
CROWDRISE : Jul 12, 2017
Tax ID: 81-2774850
BASED: Southside, AL, United States


Taiz Zoo Rescue

A Lion's Heart is a nonprofit organization (EIN # 81-2774850) located in the United States. Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate abandoned, abused, starving, and even war torn zoo animals throughout the world. We believe it is a moral responsibility to protect those imprisoned animals that are voiceless and can not protect or provide for themselves. When it seems like there is no hope, we hope to be that hope and light for them. It is on this belief and passion that A Lion's Heart was founded.

Our Current Mission is the Taiz Zoo Animals Located in Taiz Zoological Gardens

An ongoing civil war in Yemen has left a zoo of 286 animals at its mercy.  Bankruptcy and a vicious battle has left these animals in a life boat situation with no end in sight.  Before February 2016, these precious animals were literally dying from starvation in their crude substandard cages.  Help did arrive from a volunteer group donating funds but they were limited by not being a registered nonprofit.  A Lion's Heart heard the call and has dedicated itself to the preservation and protection of these precious animals.   A Lion’s Heart believes that we have a moral obligation to these animals that are the only true innocents in this horrible situation and we must not fail them.  

A Lion's Heart has drafted and has begun implementing a comprehensive proposal to both protect and preserve the animals of Tiaz.  We have made tremendous progress but cannot do this alone. Each and every person can and makes a difference for these embattled animals. This is literally life and death for these animals. Please look into your heart and step up for these forgotten animals because the only thing standing between them andd death is you. It is a battle for survival we must win. 

Tax ID: 81-2774850 •


A Lion's Heart Rescue and Conserve Mission Taiz Zoo

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A Lion's Heart

A Lion's Heart

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