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A Mu Ijaka Foundation Inc

A Mu Ijaka Foundation Inc
CROWDRISE : Aug 14, 2017
Tax ID: 81-4106427
BASED: Hialeah, FL, United States


Our Mission

“A Mu Ijaká”, name taken from the Wuarao tongue (a native Venezuelan tribe) means “To open the eyes”.

The organization answers to an evangelizing commitment, based on the dialogue between faith and culture, through a transformative formation. Oriented to forming autonomous, critic and proactive persons, capable of citizen engagement and elaborating alternatives against the currents of a society that promotes, as hegemonic values, power, marketing and consumerism.

The organization through all of its activities pushes for a person-centered society and views proper formation as the main alternative to promote (the person) as an active and participative member of it, committed to justice, human rights and peace. A person that participates in the development of a civic society that favors social leadership, creating spaces for the humanization and dignity, as well as channels of accountability and solidarity.

Tax ID: 81-4106427 •