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A Sense of Home

A Sense of Home
CROWDRISE : Jun 01, 2016
Tax ID: 47-3814056
BASED: Venice, CA, United States


A Sense of Home


A SENSE OF HOME (ASOH) transforms the lives of at-risk foster youth who “age out” of the foster care system by creating their first ever homes.

PLEASE HELP US RAISE $150,000 to create homes and replicate across the country in 2018.

A Sense of Home (ASOH) is an LA-based nonprofit organization that takes a holistic approach to transforming the lives of at-risk foster youth who "age out" of the system by creating their first ever "home".  In just over 3 years since its formation, ASOH, has placed over 350 youth in beds inside of 250 homes created. ASOH utilizes donated furniture and house ware items to make an aged out foster youth's first ever permanent living space functional and beautiful thereby affording the youth dignity, self worth and pride. The organization is run by a team of 8 aged out foster youth and a swelling community of 4,000+ volunteers. Each youth recipient pays it forward partaking as a volunteer in creating future homes which enables them to become immersed in the ASOH community -- as a support group.  This support group can offer assistance to the youth in job searches, college applications, mentoring, and learning life skills, etc. There is intense interest in replicating our current model in many cities across the US. 

By creating a physical home that is the embodiment of the dreams and unique personality of each youth served and an ongoing community of care, A Sense of Home offers aged-out youth — the courage to dream and confidence to manifest those dreams, to transform the experience of scarcity to abundance and generosity.

Every 2 minutes a new child enters foster care in the US.  A large percentage of those kids are never adopted. Anywhere between 20, 000 - 35,000 age out each year having never been adopted. Resourceful former foster youth may secure Section 8 Housing but with no family nor community to help them set up their first homes, their apartments are empty of furniture and basic necessities most people take for granted. These transitioning youth sleep, eat and study on bare floors. They store their clothing in plastic garbage bags.

Having already endured lives of emotional and/or physical trauma, these young people are now left with no sense of security. They’re left to fend for themselves, with no semblance of a foundation on which to build or from which to move forward, let alone thrive.


Tax ID: 47-3814056 •


A sense of home

A sense of home

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Help Aged-Out Foster Youth Transition into their new Homes!

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