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A Soldiers Life Matters

Organized by: Crystal Lenzy

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You have your goals when some of us has lost faith in our government! Here is Texas the failure to take care of our Vets is an issue! My husband serve red our country and just 7 months after his death I have lost everything possible! Claims that was open before he died is still unresolved! The $6000 funeral that I am still paying on because this great government let him down the final time!! At the center of recent news has been these VA back logs. The cost of working the back log is at the expense of our vets getting poor or no existed medical care. The appointments are rushed and not really checked on. There are many cases coming about with our veterans that have cancer and X-rays performed at the VA showing the abnormalities. They are going undiagnosed as well as untreated. In some cases being miss diagnosed until it's too late. These lives are valuable. They have made sacrifices that civilians may not recognize. Putting their lives on the line durning deployments to keep us free. At the very least we do owe them the best medical care available. The government acts as though these men and women can be tossed away as trash. The value of their life's after service is of the least importance. Understandable that this may be over whelming to any VA facility. If that may be the case then they should out source the Veterans to local hospitals. Give these people a fighting chance to get what they deserve! Men and women that need immediate medical treatment! Out sourcing the work would not only benefit the veteran but would also benefit the labor force as well as the communities. People who serve should be given the best we have to offer. My heart breaks to know the injustice the love of my life was given. It saddens me to think a man can go to war to keep us free and yet be stripped of his dignity. Even after death the blows keep coming. To get the realization that this country has no sympathy nor compassion or even a sense of obligation to a hero has left such a hole in my heart. This country is losing sight of the purpose. When we can so easily walk without remorse for a service member or his family goes to show that the government has put these men and women on the back burner and society has allowed it. My husband served in a war. He gave his life for us to continue on. He came home and passed away in the prime of his life due to the Chemicals he was exposed to. He was ignored when he asked for help. When he was diagnosed with lung cancer he was still put on the back burner. He was loved and adored by me!! He was somebody he was smart and devoted. He carried his loyalty proudly. He believed in this country and for what?? So that in death his family still gets kicked??? His headstone still not in place. His wife paying for the funeral and all other expenses. The government gives $300 burial payment. This country is losing sight of our values. We would gladly support a rapper who is in debt and bail banks out than we would to care for people in the service. I'm only one person but I know things have to change. I am horrified to think what kind of country my grand kids will be living in. The government that was set up to protect us is the first to bail on us. This teaching the people it is ok to act and pretend that only you matter. We as a nation lose sight of the higher power as the government tries to remove religion from our hearts. The loss of compassion society has today is proof. These men and women served their purpose now it is ok to throw them away! This is not the country I was born in and loved.


Organized by

Crystal Lenzy

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