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A Step Up Academy Inc

A Step Up Academy's mission is to provide the supportive educational environment that children moderately affected by autism spectrum disorder need to potentially enter a setting with typically developing peers. Grounded in evidence-based practices with a focus on targeting the fundamental areas of communication, we work with students, families, school districts and communities to place children back into a fully inclusive environment. Tax ID 46-2346137


From a parent, “…the school constantly creates high interest activities—from ice skating to petting farms to game days—to elicit language and interaction between the kids (a mix of ASD and typically developing peer buddies).  Intermixed with structured teaching and speech/OT/PT therapies, there is a literally a guitar-playing bard who walks around doing 1:1 music therapy and group music classes, in addition to dog therapy, impromptu dance parties, board game playing, holiday celebrations, cooking and art, all with the purpose of engaging the students with each other!  ASUA is a joyful and engaging place, where the materials and activities and interactions all have intentional purpose.”