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Karla Figueroa's Fundraiser:

Aaron’s Biking Adventure

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BENEFITING: Bike & Build, Inc.


EVENT DATE: Jul 27, 2015

Karla Figueroa


Aaron Bauhs wrote -

First, a Dream:
One day, I will bike across America.

Then, an Opportunity:
2 months off between grad school and a new job!?!

From that, a Goal:
What if...

Finally, a Reality:
Wait, this is happening?
What have I gotten myself into!?!
And what can I do to help others at the same time?

That's right...I'm embarking upon a trip from NYC to Wisconsin to Mt Rushmore to Portland, Ore. It's ~3300 miles of unabridged America, each inch crossed only through my will to not die on the side of the road.

I'm extremely excited, but yes, also a bit terrified. But I'm not the first to attempt such a trip. I'm inspired by the participants of non-profit BIKE & BUILD, who not only go the distance, they volunteer to build affordable homes along the way!

Well, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. I am collaborating with Bike & Build to raise funds in support of the trips (theirs and mine) and the dream of durable, affordable homes for all. And this, my friends, is where you come in.


                                       2 cents per mile

Contributing $66 (roughly $0.30/hour of strenuous biking) will help empower those in need to secure homes of their own (and help me be indoors when the weather doesn't permit camping). You can make a difference at any level though, so here are some recommended levels:

                                    $33 (1 cent/mile)
A tool for home building + hot food to combat my hunger
                                   $66 (2 cents/mile)
Materials for the homes + shelter during a thunderstorm
                                   $99 (3 cents/mile)
Power tool! Plus, help with so many flat tires
                                 $149 (4.5 cents/mile)
Support of paid builders + emergency bike shop visit
                                  $198 (6 cents/mile)
I will briefly consider carving your face in Mt. Rushmore
                                       And beyond           
Your dedication rivals that of a Lance/Jimmy love child

Contributions will be split equally with Bike & Build, with donations exceeding my trip expenses going 100% to Bike & Build. All donations are tax deductible.


I'll be documenting my trip along the way at Of course, any advice, recommendations, places to stay, and companions are welcome!

Thanks for your support!


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Karla Figueroa

Karla Figueroa


Go Aaron! 3 years ago