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CROWDRISE : Feb 22, 2014
Tax ID: 61-1532012
BASED: Cocoa, FL, United States



A child will sleep tonit

We are A better foundation established since 2012, and have continued our mission of protecting a child's future. There are many programs that help mothers who are in distress or have gone through hardships, and our organization assists single parents who are dealing with absentee parents. Project name ("A child will sleep tonight.") We are finding there are many single mothers who are struggling, and we have stepped in to assists by putting mothers back into the work field, off of welfare, food stamps in order to gain self - dependency and secure a child's future. We keep in mind that those programs are needed, but we want to decrease the weight of the term "welfare recipient." The success rate of this program will increase the community of Cocoa bringing more jobs for mothers who are in need and able to provided for their children. We have recently spoke with some women and they stated they wish this program was available in their time that way they did not have to give up their children. We want to stop the negative terms and keep child out of harms way. I hope that you will be able to take the time to watch our YouTube video where two mothers were in need and how we helped them. This is the YouTube Link: Our website link: If you need anymore information please do not hesitate to give us a call if you need anymore information you can reach us at 1 (866) 412 - 2669 Ext.800 or 321 - 458 -2998. P.S. Note to self: Work=Clean Credit=Buy Home=Secure child's future from harms way..... That is our focus to this project.

Work = Clean Credit = Buy Home = Secure childs futuer frome harms way.. And ending economy crisis. frome being laybeld a statitic.

Tax ID: 61-1532012 •


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