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A Better Life for Kids is committed to providing life-saving food, medicine, baby formula, and education opportunities for orphaned and children with special needs in Ghana. We focus on building personal, meaningful relationships with the children so that they know they are loved. Tax ID 27-5064133


Providing Holistic Resources to Ghana's Orphans Food - A Better Life for Kids purchases and hand-delivers an ample supply of beans, grains, meat, and baby formula to the orphanage bi-annually. Through our Eggs for Kids initiative we provide every orphanage child with a sustainable source of protein (eggs) each day and also offer opportunities for the older orphanage children to learn farming skills, responsibility, and a strong work ethic through working on the chicken farm. Medical Care - Malaria, infections, ringworm, and parasites are daily threats to the orphans, yet death from these diseases are easily preventable. We regularly provide a variety of life-saving medication and first aid supplies. Through our Malaria Project initiative, we distribute and educate orphanage staff on the importance of using mosquito nets and repair and replace severe tears and large holes in the mesh netting of the orphanage's doors and windows. Education Access - We are currently sponsoring 28 children to attend school. This includes their tuition, school supplies, uniforms and shoes, as well as lunch every single school day, additional tutoring, and a solar-powered lamp for studying at night. Special Accessibility for Children who are Deaf - Eight orphaned children who are deaf currently attend a school for the deaf for the first time ever, because of A Better Life for Kids. These children are shunned by society because of their disability but now they have begun learning proper sign language and how to read and write. Reaching Distant Communities - We also help in the rural Northern Region of Ghana, where there are the highest dropout and illiteracy rates in the country, by sponsoring 11 children in the region to attend school. Through our Fred Hollenberg Family Support Program, we also provide needy families with food, education, and housing assistance so that they are able to care for their children instead of poverty forcing them to send their children to live in orphanages. Water for Life - We are working with the village chief and tribal elders to build a manual pump well! In this community the only water available is full of water-borne diseases that is making them and their families sick. Dirty, diseased water leads to a cycle of sickness, lack of education, poverty, and lost hope. It is such needless suffering. We hope to also raise the necessary funds to treat the entire community of 1,000 people for intestinal parasites.