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Community Workshops Inc (Community Work Services)

Alexandra Brown's Fundraiser


Hello Everyone! I have been accepted into the CWS 2014 summer fellowship to Ghana! 

The CWS is a non-profit organization that enters communities in regions where there is no access to clean water and establishes a low-cost community-scale water treatment. The goal of our fellowship program to Ghana this summer will be to enter serveral communities in the northern region whose only water supply is highly contaminated. This contamination causes a large number of deaths due to waterbourne disease. Once entering the community, we will train a number of women to collect, purifiy, and distribute the clean water for at an affordable price! This great service, therefore, not only provides, most importantly, a clean water source, but it also benfits the local economy and community as a whole! 

How can you help? Well, your donation is cruical for the funding for the inital project costs, including project materials, water qualitity tests, lab materials, learning materials, as well as the five year follow-up to ensure the success of the water treatment set up! Every donation counts and is highly appreciated! 

Let's go make the difference we want to see in the world!