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CROWDRISE : Jun 09, 2010
Tax ID: 04-3555864
BASED: Waltham, MA, United States



Our Mission

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Accelerated Cure Project is a national nonprofit focused on curing Multiple Sclerosis (MS), the most common condition causing neurological disability in young adults. We believe that the fastest way to cure MS will come from determining the causes and mechanisms of the disease, which despite decades of research are still largely unknown. Our efforts are focused on building a uniquely valuable biorepository containing blood samples and data from people with MS and control subjects. This repository accelerates research by giving scientists instant access to a large source of samples for their research. Access to repository samples and data is open to scientists from any institution – academic, nonprofit, or commercial –who are conducting research that is consistent with our mission.
To date we have collected blood samples and data from over 2,200 subjects and have provided samples and data to 35 research teams located in the US, Europe, Israel, and Australia. In 2008 we also began invited subjects to come back for follow-up visits to provide new information about their clinical status and donate additional blood samples. This allows scientists to study changes in the health status of our participants, which is very important in a dynamic disease like MS.

To further accelerate progress in MS, we combine all results from these scientists' studies into a central database and are working with bioinformatics experts to gain new insights into MS through the joint analysis of results from different studies. By creating this resource, we are bringing closer the day when this devastating disease will be cured.

Repository: The Accelerated Cure Project (ACP) Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Biorepository is a strategic initiative for identifying the causes and mechanisms of multiple sclerosis and accelerating breakthroughs in curing MS. With samples and associated clinical and epidemiological data collected from more than 2,400 cases and controls, this open-access biorepository is enabling groundbreaking research into the many unanswered questions about MS. Equally important, ACP is combining the experimental data sets from all repository-based studies into a central database for sharing and integrated analysis of results. The biorepository is an important platform for collaborative research and an instrumental resource for data-driven investigations of complex questions in MS.

Tax ID: 04-3555864 •


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