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CROWDRISE : Dec 29, 2015
Tax ID: 27-1770761
BASED: Lakewood, CO, United States



Accord, Inc.

Accord creates initiatives that help marginalized individuals take their next steps.

Accord, Inc. serves as the umbrella organization with two subsidiaries: Project I See You and the Issac Ishmael Initiative.


Project I See You (Project ISY)

This organization exists to pour into woman’s worth and value and believes that when its work is done we will all see ourselves as God sees us, leading to transformation in our lives and communities.

Project ISY believes:

... being seen and valued is transformative in and of itself.

... making space to connect, to create, to play, and to rest tells us about our truest identities.

... community is essential to the restoration of the human heart.

... we need to honor the feminine image of God.

... we are created to give what we have been given.

... poverty and extravagance dance together.


The Isaac Ishmael Initiative (III)

The Isaac-Ishmael Initiative exists to be part of tearing down the walls of hostility between the descendants of Abraham’s two sons – Isaac and Ishmael – who will be reunited in the Kingdom of God. Today we wait expectedly for that fulfillment.

The Isaac Ishmael Initiative is not a social or political peace initiative, although we care deeply about such efforts. Rather, our approach to shalom involves three aspects:

  • We train local churches to love and minister to Muslims and Jews in their local contexts as well as globally. This is done through workshops, seminars, classes, and preaching.
  • We equip leaders  (Muslim-Background Believers, Jewish Believers, and people ministering amongst both groups) in leadership development and spiritual formation.
  • We encourage communities of faith of Christ followers who are committed to and passionate for Muslims and Jews and who actively embrace them as part of the community.

Tax ID: 27-1770761 •


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