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CROWDRISE : May 21, 2014
Tax ID: 33-0899897
BASED: Vista, CA, United States



Building Relationships

ACE International was founded in 1999 by Debby Avey. ACE International strives to break down racial barriers, create positive intercultural experiences and provide opportunities to share our values, to discover talents and natural abilities through our international internship programs. ACE will provide the tools to enable our students to open up their world view perspective in international business and the arts community through innovative technology and as discovered through hands on application with masters in their fields and through international travel.

Definition:  The name and logo for ACE International is defined as follows, “ACE International” was developed and designed in 1999.  The first component of the company’s name is “A” and identifies Academics and Arts as the primary purpose of the program.  The letters “C” and “E” stand for “Cultural Exchange” and represent the company’s purpose to breakdown racial and cultural barriers and create positive intercultural experiences and opportunities in the United States and internationally.  ACE’s logo is designed as a globe with people connected around the world signifying ACE’S passion to created international life-changing opportunities and relationships through their programs and services.  ACE's goal is to create opportunities to grow in our international world view and share our values and culture with students and teachers around the Globe.



Tax ID: 33-0899897 •


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