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Throughout time many of the families that aren't able to provide much for their families have burly payed the monthly bills by a hair. They struggle to have a home for their loved ones and try to provide as much as possible but cant always get the necessities. Clothes, toys or just the regulars for kids are sometimes or not always able to be provided. I am here to tell you that i have organized a fundraiser to help children and families who are less fortunate and aren't able to get everything they need. For some parents holiday are days of struggle because they have to work twice as hard to get their children that toy they wanted or buy them clothes, but then come up short and can't get everything. Every child should be able to enjoy their holidays as well as the parents worry free. Sometimes even an ordinary day can be stressful for them because bills have to paid and rent comes in/ mortgage is to expensive, they pay them to keep the roof over the ones they love, but then don't have enough money to get what they need for either a their home or kids. With your donation we can help many families provide stuff for their children and take the thought of "what if" so they can enjoy their day/ holidays with their families.
There is no limit to happiness which is why the goal to this fundraiser is - as much money we can raise. Please lend out a helping hand to those in need so we can make a difference in their life and put a smile on a child's face.


A simple 18 yr. old student trying to make a difference

Manuel Sanchez



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