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Action: Little Black Dress 2012

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February 09, 2012

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BENEFITING: Action Against Hunger USA

EVENT DATE: Feb 01, 2012

Elisa Johnston


We average advocates are wearing the same Little Black Dress (or shirt. or scarf) for a month to raise money for development and relief aid where theare are food crisises.

In Africa alone, there are multiple areas where people are fighting to stay alive, due to these crisies. This past summer, the worst famine in 60 years began, still greatly effecting Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya. Also in South Sudan and an area called the Sahel there is an extreme need for help.

One Month. One Dress. One Cause.

Check out these links to learn more:

29 Days in a Little Black Dress (Pictures)

Average Action (The motivation, the escapist rules, and everything about how to do this project)

And the original posts:

Action: Little Black Dress

Action: Little Black Dress Pt. 2 (The How)


You can also donate to your charity of choice who does relief and development work. There are many others I would recommend as doing something great! Please consider this list of charities that have been given a Four Star rating who allieviate hunger.

Regardless, please enter your donation elsewhere as an offline cash donation on this page, so that we will know how much we have rasied together!

Thank you so so much!


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Elisa Johnston


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