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We help our nation's wounded service members and veterans by training their physicians in the science and art of medical acupuncture. Tax ID 46-5014824


Since 2007 the Acus team has been working to create acupuncture protocols that address military-unique conditions.

We train qualified health care providers to use medical acupuncture -- often instead of opioids --  to treat the physical and psychospiritual pain of our nation's service members and veterans.  Our mantra: more needles, fewer pills!

We either donate or provide at cost all the materials and instruction for military physicians who seek training in medical acupuncture. It is our mission to educate more military providers in medical acupuncture and to facilitate its integration into conventional military care.

We have pioneered a 300-hour military medical acupuncture course, as well as seminars in auricular and scalp acupuncture. Our flagship program has documented a 45% drop in opioid prescriptions, significant improvements in patient symptoms and wellbeing, and $250,000 in cost savings.

Join us and help transform military health care with medical acupuncture!

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