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Adapting to Climate Change

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NEF supports vulnerable communities—those emerging from years of devastating drought and conflict and those suffering from chronic poverty—to achieve sustainable economic recovery through agricultural production and collaborative natural resource management. We need your help to do more.



Agriculture is the cornerstone of Mali's economy, with more than 80 percent of its people dependent on agricultural activities for their livelihood. In the unpredictable environment of the Sahel, Malian and Senegalese communities face critical challenges due to degraded environments, low productivity, crops losses, underdeveloped markets, and long-term climate change. Food security and economic growth depend on addressing these threats. NEF supporters farmers and other natural resouce-dependent populations through a variety of initiatives to improve food security and increase incomes. NEF is also working with local governments in Mali and Senegal to establish six climate adaptation funds of 500,000 Euro each to finance public good investments that support community-identified climate change adaptation strategies. 

2015 Highlights

  • 1,486 community leaders were trained in climate-smart agricultural and natural resource management techniques
  • 26,161 hectares of land has been improved for agriculture and livestock
  • 21,832 trees were planted with ecological and economic benefits
  • 22,276 people are now food security because of NEF's efforts
  • 7 local governments in Mali and Senegal are ready to distribute devolved climate funds

Beneficiary Testimonials:

"We all had problems with food. Those problems were all linked to the well. Without water, we can't grow food for our village. When the rebels came, things were very hard. And after the crisis, the rainy season was very bad. NEF installed this well after the crisis and gave us seeds for our gardens. Now we freely manage our food supply. We haven't lacked food since we started this."

— Adama (Kani) Bore, Tiecouare Village Women's Leader

"NEF noticed our [water] pumps weren't strong enough. They asked if we were willing to develop the area. That's how we started to build our dams. We didn't always have this quality grain. NEF brought it to us. One year ago NEF gave us what we needed to help ourselves. Even when they leave, we'll still be able to control the water, manage the fertilizer, and produce all the rice we need. Last year, each rice paddy produced 32 sacks of rice per hectare. I am proud to say this year, they will produce 80 sacks."

— Allaye Kalite, rice farmer from Korianze, Mali



In the first effort of its kind in Palestine, NEF has established a network of agricultural innovation sites to introduce and adapt the practice of wasterwater ruse for agriculture irrigation. NEF's Greening Jalameh project is helping Palestinian farmesr overcome water scarcity in the West Bank. Under the management of a local water users' cooperative, the pilot irrigation system distributes treated wastewater from the Jenin Treatment Plant to local farms where tree crops and fodder are produced. Eventually, the model and organizational structure will be used to expand wastewater reuse to 5,000 dunums across the Jenin valley.

2015 Highlights:

  • 100 dunums and 7 farms are now irrigated with trested wastewater. 
  • 3,870 fruit trees were planted on these farms.
  • 20 farmers and 25 extension agents from the Ministry of Agriculture received training in wastewater reuse, environmental monitoring, and other agricultural techniques. 

Beneficiary Testimonial:

"[The Greening Jalameh Project] provided an opportunity to use wastewater—that used to cause pollution—to treat it, and to use it for irrigation. The project also provided a great opportunity to plant new crops under irrigation, which reduces production costs and increases profits."

— Mohammad Shita, community leader from Jenin


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