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January 06, 2016

Enhanced use of solar energy for preseve natural resources and the environment and tackle climate change  See more


EVENT DATE: Mar 17, 2016

Japhet Aloyce Kalegeya


Christian Education and Development Organization P.O.Box 545 Nzega Tanzania REF: THE FUNDRAISING AND RESOURCE MOBILIZATION OF $ 5000.00 TO IMPLEMENT THE STRATEGIC PLAN ADAPTION CLIMATE CHANGE. A. INTRODUCTION: - Christian Education and Development Organization is Non-Governmental Organization with the registration No NGO oooo3928, June 2010, Operate in Tanzania Mainland. The organization Office is located at Nzega District, Tanzania country. The organization’s activities are focused in the area of, Environment conversations, policies forum, Human rights advocacy, Health in general, improve good governance, agriculture and livestock\Nutrition, Education, Gender advocacy, economic empowerment to youths and women and researches. B. ORGANIZATION MANDATE AND SCOPE OF WORK B. 1. VISION: - To have a society educated and aware their rights, engaged in sustainable employment with respect income, which can increase good productivity for enhancing the quality of life and social well being of Tanzanians, reducing poverty, as well as responding to the challenges of globalization. B. 2. MISSION:- Multiply and develop citizens, enabling a culture of learning without limit in the community, as well as efficient use of labor, ensure sustainable jobs with incomes in the economy of rural and urban, in addition to improve their knowledge and skills of people, to have the opportunity enough to earn an income. B.3. ACTIVITY The organization’s activities are focused in the area of - Environment conversations - Policies forum, - Human rights advocacy - Health in general - Improve good governance - Agriculture and livestock\Nutrition - Education/Vocational training - Gender advocacy - Economic empowerment to youth and women - Researches B.4. ORGANIZATION GOVERNANCE The CEDO is governed by the members, the Board of Directors and Secretariat. Their responsibilities are described below:- B.4.1. MEMBERS Members are the highest authority in CEDO and choose the members of the Board of Directors, and chairman as well as approving the long term plans of the organization. Members are encouraged to participate at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). B.4. 2. BOARD OF DIRECTORS The board of Directors is composed of five to seven members, who provide regular guidance to the work of the CEDO. They appoint the Executive Director of the CEDO and approve regulation changes, financial report, and plans of the Organization before presenting them at the AGM. B.4. 3. SECRETARIAT OF ORGANIZATION The implementation of the Core functions of the organization is vested in its Secretariat, which is led by the Executive Director who reports to the Board of Directors in the governance matters. The Executive Director maintains a relationship with, the financial Administration Officer, Coordinator, Gender advocacy Officer, Education and training Officer, who share in responsibility of delivering the projects/innovations ideas. TARGET GROUPS (Population) Beneficiaries of the CEDO is young people, women and children under five years old, the disabled, prisoners and their families, elders, students and people living with HIV SITUATION ANALYSIS C. 1. The External Environment Analysis: - The lack of access to green Energy in rural areas of Tanzania limits people’s usage of energy sources to toxic fuels, kerosene and firewood for lighting and cooking. Usage of such energy sources, releases gases in the form of smoke and toxic fumes, which are proven causes of cancer and other diseases. Women and children are the main victims of this toxic cloud environment because they spend a significant portion of their day cooking food for their families. According to the Energy policy of 2003, shows that only 1% of population in rural areas of Tanzania has access to electricity. The rest approximately 98% use firewood which also, implies alarming rates of environmental destruction; For instance many rural people live below poverty line; worse, facilities to access electricity services are more expensive in rural than in urban areas because households are scattered. Therefore, most people simply cannot afford to acquire or pay for electricity services. Also lack of electricity at night, limits advancement of women and children’s education due to inadequate lighting. Communication and commerce are negatively impacted due to currently unreliable electrical generation and distribution. C.2. INTERNAL ENVIRONMENT ANALYSIS: - The organization has skilled human resources, procedures, regulations, systems, and operations, based on equality and gender balance, in representation and responsibilities, the organization considers very good relations in its operation. CEDO has good management that provides the focus and inspire others to take the required steps, leadership is capable of managing the environment conducive for people to help each other to cooperate, advising and coaching as well as providing strategic direction in the organization, The leaders is build and maintain relationships that enabling the organization to achieve its goals, the CEDO has code of ethics, and has the primary purpose of its establishment (mission and Vision); Has engaged in recognizing the surrounding environment (such as social environment, economic, cultural and political) and changes in the dynamics of social status. The CEDO Board members created this strategy plan of preserve natural resources and environment by encouraging young people to continue in the field of solar energy and influence community, to use solar energy as the best way of tackling the climate change. Despite the Organization is still faced with the challenge of shortage of financial resources, which is an important pillar of the organization's activities implementation. 1. STRATEGIC ISSUES This strategy is designed to seek financial resources and equipment to help the organization to deal with the problem of lack of access to green energy, electricity at night, limits the advancement of women and children’s education in rural areas of Nzega and Kasulu districts of Tanzania. 2. STRATEGIC GOAL 2.1. The strategy goal is to equip youths and students in the fundamentals and electrical solar energy, solar system design, energy storage system and usage of solar energy and its benefits 2.2. Purpose: - The main purpose of this program is to provide training solar panels, battery storage systems and solar ovens to youths and students ages 15-25 years old from Nzega and Kasulu districts of Tanzania. 2.3. Objective: - The objective of this program is to reduce deforestation by reducing the need of wood and petroleum fuels for cooking, lighting and heating and improve children and women learning, communication and commerce in rural areas. 2.5. Strategies and activities:- 2.5.1. Training 40 young people on how to make solar panels and how to design solar systems 2.5.2. Fundraising event and awarded Certification as a Green Gen Master 6. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION AND MANAGEMENT ARRANGEMENT Implementation of these activities will be under the supervision of the board of directors, and actors to drive this strategy is executive director who will be responsible for the disclosure of this strategy to the board of directors, and actors of every day will be the coordinator of this strategy, an accountant, with one of the evaluation and monitoring of these will work in conjunction with the executive director under Board of directors of the organization. 7. RISKS AND ASSUMPTION It is our hope that this strategy is acceptable to donors, also policies and regulations of the country will continue to remain as they are. If donor will not support this strategy, as well as the policies and procedures of the country will be changed will affect our strategy. 8. MONITORING AND EVALUATION We will monitor and evaluate all the functionality of our overall strategy. Because our main objective is to reduce poverty among communities; Each new post implementation committee activities evaluate their performance every day, every three months notice will be provided on the board of directors, and we will have to evaluate the year that will provide information on the implementation of all activities throughout the year, and the results will be provided to stakeholders all the development that they may make an evaluation and learn how this strategy has brought good results for society 9. RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS AND BUDGET PROJECTION The following is the equipment needed in the implementation of this strategy Summary of all Costs USD $ 5000



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