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Frank Ashby's Fundraiser:

•Addicts to Achievers• By Christina &Family

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"Addict to Achieve "
May 28, 2017

This is the first attempt that with hard work and commitment with road blocks to bull dose over to start a true movement for people in our community  See more

BENEFITING: Teen Challenge Of Kentucky Inc

EVENT DATE: Jan 01, 2017


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Frank Ashby


My name is Frank Ashby I'm engaged to this woman that this is about and for her purpose. I've meant Christina in the program on a Saturday night at her night out to dinner for being on a level of freedom from addiction that they earn in the program that I've learned as time went so when I first seen Christina I thought wow she is so beautiful and so forth but least did I know she was a ex addict that took back what drugs took away from her for so long her looks,Her life,Her soul, And until I gotten to know her from talking on the phone and seeing her at her church that she invited me to attend to I wouldn't ever known that she lived life as a addict, This is a recap of Christina story as well as supporting this Act of love to support and surprise Christina by. Please don't criticize me by trying to tell what I've learned and know about how the program she was in that had only had donations to help Christina achieve her life back and her kids life as well as family members that I gotten to know and love as my own family.So again please be understanding as I try to interrait ,The life of living proof that change her life forever .This true fact story is about a young woman name Christina that had a addition since she could remember and overcome the odds by these steps she never knew existed. step 1.God first Step 2.Family. Step 3. by donations from people that She has never had the chance to say think you or even know them By there name of who giving donations/contributions to her life to open her eyes as new believer in Jesus the son of God. A mother that she thought she never had the chance to revive in a lifetime. From the drugs and doing things to survive and to support her habit to use as a escape from reality. Christina used every second of her life to not feel the pain and sorrow that concealed the true facts of everyday life . Christina lost everything that you could ever imagine because of her addiction with heavy drugs that lead her kids being away with out a mother that used to be so natural at being and the protection of a mother instincts was numb because of the drugs .A daughter that could not look into her mother eyes to see pure hurt because of the false pretenses that the drug use made her feel, Her sisters that gave up without a choice of her own doing because, Christina wasn't the sister they grew as kids in elementary school , Christina used to be the show stoping boy eating glamorous neatly dressed little lady at one time in her life long ago that she used to be known for as the big tough sister . And before she took control .As I was saying the addictions of hardcore drugs hinder her emotions for anyone's help she was on a self decay on every level known to a woman, mother, daughter,sister etc . The drugs just was first in every thought in her mind to feel empty without the drugs that once owned her . Christina finally got incarcerated by her actions and the crowd she thought was her new family that turned on her so it all caught up to her after years of hustling from place to place and just skating by life to fast as a bullet without a purpose. Christina finally reached out on a once in a lifetime chance from this program that she thought would just get her a get out of jail free card to attend back in her ways of life that she came to custom to. So Christina applied to get help as a temporary relief wasn't a easy task after all . From that day she enter the program meeting new people that had different experiences had no effect on her at first until she finally had a beautiful betting heart that she never thought was inside her soul of true consciousness of feelings that she needed and was hungry for more to satisfy her heart ache of endless pain of years of numbing and blockage to feel So in fact she had no stand point what's so ever when she got settled in for the first time in mind not body so they began to stripped her of all she has known until as I stated above was a new woman that has been given new life and the chance to be a sister again for the first time and share jeans and ideas for birthday party's for her kids and her nieces and nephews, That once was a whisper in the wind while no one was there . A blessed mother that her first born daughter can look into her mothers eyes without any more hurt or shame of her past because the one true father about forgave her and for one a smile from honest emotions now again was able to be the oldest to take her place back that drugs try to once steal and lock up forever. The biggest gift and payment of all besides being saved is that she CAN be the mother and earn her kids trust back by being the truly beautiful woman she was always intended to be. Finally again more warming news from all the hard work showed. Behold she got custody of her baby boy which was her last born and finally got to see her other kids that missed her for so long, that she made it another goal to reunite with them as a visit and took them shopping as the mother loves to do with her little sister beside her to support her and her next to oldest sister who was not stopping until they reached the destination of the family that was so long overdue with a clear emotional connection with no numbness blinding the thoughts she finally felt the connection of being the amazing woman she always hide inside that was clouded by the addiction. She smiles looking up just plainly saying a simple answer. ( She said looking up ... Just the two words from her much alive heart..Thank you ,, Thank you smiling up at the clear night sky on the steps of the hotel she stay to visit was a magical moment felt EVERYTHING ). The list is unlimited and powerful in all expects .To all that reads this there's so much to share about this woman and the program that gave her the first steps for this truly beautiful blessed woman. Even to share this story is a blessing to her life as well in ways she could never understand . Thank you from my heart (Frank) and her heart (Christina). This story could fill many pages in a blank book but in fact Theres not enough free space to do so I'm certainly sure of that so I'm writing for her fundraiser that I'm trying to accomplish for present addicts (2017) and who just need a simple step to get above the odds of being in the same position day after day and hour after and minute after minute because now that She's sober with sincerity and her being save is the best donations that Christina has ever received besides reunion of her 4 kids. I feel that it would be fruitful for Christina heart beat, by the grace of god to ask people if they would donate anything that is comfortable that you can afford because I do know it's hard in life to provide for a family and pay your bills so if you can please do if you can't please just pray and stay positive because a change will happen to you just trust your heart without a question and I promise you it will be frustrating but is definitely worth the hard work. Christina did it.( Proven Fact).The donations we receive will be towards the men and women in the programs or on the streets they proclaim to take in or still has a strong minded addiction to drugs that hinders there full potential. Also it's for Meals Electricity for housing ,Transportation and maintaining the housing they will be provided in until there rehabilitation is a 100% in effect in there lives. We will use the donations to donate to the program that will save there lives we will assure you a full update of your hard earn money that isn't going to waste on our profile with pictures etc.Thank you so much and fill free to just ask or want some kind of feedback on anything I'm open for anything you have on your mind to share so In short thank you again For reading this fundraiser let's change everyone from addicts to achievers. With True Sincerely, Frank Ashby For her Christina 01/27/1982 till present by the grace of god .


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