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Addis Clinic Inc

Addis Clinic Inc
CROWDRISE : Nov 09, 2016
Tax ID: 27-3487948
BASED: Jamaica Plain, MA, United States


Addis Clinic Inc

The Addis Clinic

A non-profit organization connecting doctors in the United States to patients around the world using innovative telemedicine technology!

The Addis Clinic is a non-profit organization connecting primary and specialty physicians in the United States, to underserved patients in Ethiopia and Kenya using telemedicine technology. One of the biggest challenges for health in the developing world, is the shortage of skilled health care workers. In Ethiopia, like other developing countries that have a shortage of physicians, there is only one physician for every 30,000 patients. Existing physicians in resource-limited settings often lack access to specialized training or "second opinions" from other trained physicians, that we typically rely on in western medicine. While U.S. physicians regularly take medical trips overseas to provide much needed assistance to patients in need of specialized medical care, these medical trips can wind up being expensive, and patients often need more long-term and consistent care over many months to see sustained improvements in their condition. 

Designed to work in connectivity-limited settings, the Addis Clinic uses an innovative telemedicine platform designed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, to connect primary and specialty physicians in the U.S. to impoverished and underserved patients. The Addis Clinic partners with sustainable non-profits working on the ground who know the needs of their communities the best! By working with existing organizations that have a network of patients and staff on the ground, the Addis Clinic is able to facilitate health care at little cost. The Addis Clinic provides the technology and the network of expert physicians, while the partner organization provides the work force to implement the recommendations of our physicians, while supporting the cost of medications, lab tests, transportation costs, and ensuring reccomendations are followed up on in a timely manner. This model supports and strengthens existing healthcare systems rather than supplanting them.

Using symptom-based templates, health care staff working for the organizations we partner with, use the Addis Clinic app on a smart phone or tablet in order to answer questions about the patient. Additionally, they are able to upload images such ax x-rays, CT scans, or lab results. The information is sent directly through a cloud-based server to a web-based electronic medical records system, where on of the Addis Clinic physicians in the U.S. can then log onto their computer and pull up the patients information. The physician can then recommend follow up tests, medications, and treatment as needed. Patients can now receive continuous and consistent care from expert providers!

Tax ID: 27-3487948 •


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