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Adhd America Inc

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Our founders personal story:


  "We knew at an early age that our son had all the classic signs of ADHD. His inability to focus on anything other than the first thing that entered his mind removed all doubt that our son needed help. 

   On an early morning family hike, our son (at that time 7 years old) had to be the first to climb to the top of Phoenix, Arizona’s Squaw Peak. Once we finally caught up to him, we noticed that he appeared somewhat outside himself. When asked if he was doing OK, he said, I’m fine. One year later, we learned that he wasn’t fine. 

   Our son had been prescribed ADHD medication two years earlier, which made him hallucinate. He told his older brother that he had been hearing dark scary voices inside his head for a long time, and wondered whether or not that was normal. When we asked our son about these voices, he started to cry intensely. Finally, we were able to pull from him that these dark voices were telling him that he is no good. That day on top of Squaw Peak, this voice told him that he should jump off the cliff, because he didn’t deserve to live and that he would be better off dead. 

   Unfortunately, this is NOT an uncommon experience for individuals who are prescribed certain ADHD medications. Internal voices, bad voices, are actually a well-known side effect. In most cases, this goes undetected by parents, teachers, and even doctors. Why? Because they may not know and typically they don’t ask. In some isolated instances, children of our son’s age, who were prescribed particular types of ADHD medication, couldn’t turn off the voices, and met the tragic end that these bad voices so often instruct. Naturally, we immediately took our son off of that particular medication and moved him to another brand and dose. To this day, he no longer hears those bad voices. Because of this, and for MANY other reasons, we decided we had to do something."


    ADHD America was established as a 501(c)(3) with the purpose of reaching the nearly 7 million school-aged students and young adults who have been diagnosed with ADHD. Through the development of a Digital Therapeutic smartphone application (ADHDmyway), students will have an ADHD “Virtual Coach” to provide proper study habits, nutritional guidance, exercise advice, and much more. ADHD America is committed to making a difference in the lives of those struggling with the effects of this disorder. 


 Your donations will go towards the development and eventual free distribution of the ADHDmyway smartphone application to kids:


•Allowing those with ADHD to finally have the abilityto  organize their life for success

•Giving the user tools to self-manage their emotional and physical state 

•Providing Application data that parents, doctors, and teachers can use to fine tune current treatmnent methods and support ongoing research

•Improving parents insight regarding their childs progress

•Minimizing the impact of side effects



ADHD America also supports peer to peer student mentoring. Trained by ADHD Coaches, ADHD America student advocates educate fellow students diagnosed with ADHD on the challenges most face when struggling with ADHD: 

1.Time Management

2.Cycle of late and missing homework assignments

3.Organization of school materials




  As a 501(c)(3) non-for profit organization, your charitable donation goes to supporting the mission of ADHD America. Every contribution enables you to take full advantage of those tax benefits afforded to supporting such a cause.   

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