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Amy Pratt wrote -

My goal is to raise awareness of the realities of adoption, what it means to be an orphan/foster care child, what the adoption process entails, and to fuel the desire of children to take action, providing them with tools to make a difference.

Key missions include:
- Experientially educate children about other children in the world who do not have families. With a focus on the U.S. foster care system.
- Grow children in compassion and desire to take steps for change.

Funds from this fundraiser will go to development of a program called “Adoptatoy." This program will allow children to learn about adoption/foster care by engaging in an interactive process of “adopting” a toy (plush stuffed animal) in a similar fashion as they would engage with a children's placement agency, but perhaps a bit more akin to how one would adopt an animal. In the process the children will be learning about the similarities and differences of actual adoption and foster care of children.

There is also plans to advance this program to emphasize the benefits of companion animals in the lives of children.

Proceeds generated by "Adoptatoy" will further benefit HOPE INC, Inc. by serving as a fundraiser for their animal/children programs. 

I thank you in advance for your donation to this double fundraiser! Not only will you be helping to educate children on the realities of adoption, but you will be helping to get operational funding into the hands of a GREAT non profit by enabling this program to get off the ground.

HOPE INC, Inc. is a small, grassroots, parent-led, Hawaii-licensed, Christian, non-profit, foster care/adoption agency.  It is HOPE INC, Inc.’s belief that no child should stand alone.  Children in foster care whose legal parent is the government deserve a family with parents. 

More Information on Adoption/Foster Care
Adoption/foster care affects about 143 million orphans today. Adoption is not often understood for what it is, either in the U.S. or abroad. For example, most people do not realize that there are no longer orphanages in the U.S. but only a foster care system and privatized children homes. The system in the U.S. results in many children “aging” out of foster care at age 18 without ever having found an adoptive home, and having had legal rights to their genetic parents terminated along the way. Consequently, after living through "fostercare drift" (moved from foster home to foster home), by 18 years of age many children have no real sense of family.

Modern day orphans in the U.S. are some of the truly silent, lonely and misunderstood voices in our nation today. Overseas orphans more often than not live in severe poverty waiting for a brighter future.

With this fundraiser I strives to be an open voice for the many silent voices in our nation and abroad. Voices that need advocates to speak on behalf of them.

Budget Rationale
$2729.40: Corporate Web Design & Development: Custom site – Identify design of website; Wireframe website design; Design all website pages; Custom graphics and photos; Approval process throughout; Website Management; Cloud Site Hosting (1000 MB Disk Space, 30 GB Data Transfer, 1000 Compute Cycles)

$4979.04: “Adoptatoy” Program Design & Development: Identify design of website; Wireframe website design; Design all website pages; Custom graphics and photos; Approval process throughout; eCommerce intergration; Inventory management; Customer/user portal; Transaction acceptance

$2825: Various Logo and Character Illustrations: Design / Electronic Production/ Computer Illustration / Photoshop Work / Final Art File Preparation

$9000 x 2 years : Annual Content (Pro Pack): 16 Customized SEO Optimized Blog Articles, 20 Keywork, Recommendations, Plus… Post Meta tags suggestions, complete content licensing, editing revision support, live chat, forum & help tickets, access to all past content free, free hosting to all content files, free access to SEO resources, free flog post with purchase, cancel anytime.

$5000 X 2 years: Printing of “Adoptatoy” precut labels; Packaging material; Shipping

$5500 x 2 years: Annual PR Package


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Amy Pratt

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2% Raised of $50,000 Goal

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David Ruf

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