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CROWDRISE : Jul 27, 2010
Tax ID: 26-1300404
BASED: Houston, TX, United States



Our Mission

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Our non-profit was founded in October of 2007 to help improve access to the most effective treatment to cancer patients. We want to make sure that our patients’ lives depend not on their income or birthplace, but on the progress of modern medicine.

* We support patients who have to travel for treatment abroad due to having high-risk and advanced cancers, or other serious illnesses, and can no longer be offered treatment in Russia and former Soviet Republics.

* We contribute to the cost of bone marrow donor searches and delivery of transplants. Since Russia and other developing countries lack their own bone marrow donor registry, patients who need the transplants have to pay over $25,000 for the search for the donor abroad, collection of bone marrow, and delivery of transplant to a hospital in patients' home countries.

Bone marrow transplants can benefit patients who suffer from a range of diseases. The majority of patients seeking this kind of transplant are battling diseases like leukemia, lymphoma or multiple myeloma. In addition, patients with immune deficiency disorders, sickle cell, or aplastic anemia have found some relief from the treatment.

Advita Fund USA is a volunteer-run organization - it means we pay no salaries to our staff and incur only minimal administrative expenses, so that most of the money we raise goes to patients we support.

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Advita Fund USA is a non-profit organization that is tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Tax ID: 26-1300404 •

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Medications for cancer patients!

Medications for cancer patie…

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Advita fund USA

Advita fund USA

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Bone Marrow Donor Searches

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Help cancer patients find bone marrow donors!

Help cancer patients find bo…

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Advita Fund USA: Help cancer patients find bone marrow donors!

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