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Compassion Champs' Fundraiser:

Help Save Our Planet, Our Health & Animals!

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Why Plant-Based? Welcome Series - Who We Are
June 30, 2017

Why plant-based lifestyle? What are the benefits to you and our planet? Welcome to our short introduction outlining our mission and the work  See more

BENEFITING: Compassion Champs

EVENT DATE: Aug 19, 2017


It is time to greatly reduce animal product consumption and adopt a plant based lifestyle if we want to have a planet for our children to grow up on. Our Olympian founder coined the term "Olympic Level Compassion" to encapsulate our belief that each person has the potential to spread goodness in a unique, monumental and far-reaching way. Surely we all consider the people we want to be and the world we want to see. We urge you to recognize your ability to help bring that image to life. To adopt a plant-based lifestyle is simply to acknowledge that compassion falls into your worldview and to act accordingly. The Time is NOW.

Our Mission for this Fundraiser: Through our Compassion Champs mentor guided education programs, our intimate “Reflections on Compassion" video series (a powerful series highlighting unique stories of Champions from all walks of life in athletics, nutrition, health, environment and disease prevention who all encourage a change to a plant based diet) and our Compassion Champs power club tool kits, we offer a road map to encourage a change in diet to a planet friendly, health centered, compassionate way of eating. 100% of your donation will go towards funding these very important and impactful initiatives. Watch our first 4 "Reflections on Compassion" videos here: We need your help to bring these stories to the mainstream! 

Did you know that each person who switches to a plant based diet will spare over 200 animal lives per year? Imagine the difference we can make! We need your help to fund these programs. Our next goal is to create 1000 power club toolkits which will be sent to people who are interested in making a change in diet. Every tool kit costs us about $6 to make and each tool kit includes: a guide to jump start plant based eating, 15 easy to make plant based recipes for the family, a few samples of great vegan snacks for people to taste, a Compassion Champs T-shirt and 5 Compassion Champs stickers. Please donate so we can get these programs into the mainstream and start changing the world together! If you donate $200 or more; you will receive a Compassion Champs T-Shirt, stickers, and an adorable stuffed baby cow!

Did You Know? Saving animals is not the only benefit of adopting a plant based lifestyle, saving the planet is one of the top 5 biggest challenges facing our world today. Each animal that grinds through the factory-farm system greatly harms the environment by producing methane, the primary driver of climate change, which heat-trapping effects are even stronger than those of CO2. Beef and dairy cattle produce more global carbon emissions than the entire transportation sector!  8oz of soy milk takes 16 gallons of water to grow. 8oz of beef takes 850 gallons of water to grow! That quarter pound burger you ate this week is worth more than 30 average American showers. A plant based eater consumes 200,000 fewer gallons of water than a person who eats the average American diet. It is time to greatly reduce animal product consumption and go plant based if we want to have a planet for our children to grow up on.  

Who We Are And Our Work: Compassion Champs seeks to educate audiences worldwide on the immense, widespread suffering of animals every year in our industrial food industry. We encourage a planet-friendly, health-centered and compassionate way of eating. Our goal is to create a global movement of athletes, champions and visionaries who believe compassion can coexist with their nutrition plan. We seek to inspire the next generation of Compassionate Champions to embrace the core values of mercy, kindness and empathy toward all living beings. Our driving Force at Compassion Champs is this: LIVE BIG. Set a goal so big that if you achieved it, it would blow your mind. Think big, dream big, believe big and the results will BE big.  

Please donate to help us continue (and even intensify) our impact and help keep the dream of a cruelty free world a reality!  Thank you in advance for your support & donating to our crucial work!

GuideStar Rating: Gold (EIN: 81-3396276)

View Interview With Jake Morton VP at Mercy for Animals


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