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A fathers good fight

Organized by: Christopher Capen

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EVENT DATE Mar 29, 2014


I live in Pennsylvania and my father lives in Louisiana. I am the only family that he has left and he is reaching his golden years(61). I would like to give you a short background on my Dad.

He truly is an unsung hero. I have seen him help the homeless in his area on countless occasions. I don't mean just giving them a couple of dollars or bringing them food. He inherited 3 old houses and a wood shop. These houses were not the in the best condition but he was a self taught carpenter. He and I fixed them the best we could. He furnished these houses. One for me, one for him and the other he would use to let people in need stay there. ALWAYS rent free, for as long as they needed. He has taken over 30 people and 4 families into his own home, letting them use his house as it was their own. Eat his food , shower and sleep in his bed while he slept on his couch or in his recliner in the living room. He never asked them to give him anything in return. As he got older he continued to do this. He would pay some of the people he helped to do yard work if they wanted to earn extra money. He has never once turned anyone down. Some of these people were thankful and stayed with him as long as they needed, a few days or even months at a time. Others stole from him and abused his good nature and kind heart. Yet in still, he continued to do good and help. He has always seen the good in people. Believing that everyone deserved a second chance and hopeful that he could make a difference, and he certainly has. Recently due to his health he has not been able to maintain all the properties. The same people he spent the better part of his life helping, destroyed the two homes that he was not living in. They broke in over 3 dozen times to use the place as they saw fit. Then completely gutted the homes. Stealing all the copper wire and plumbing to sell as scrap metal. Then the sinks, and the lights fixtures, cabinets etc. These homes were no more than a shell by the time they were done. As his age and health has started to take their toll, he could not stop them or keep up with maintaining the homes. So he had to pay to have someone board the windows and doors to keep people out.

Once he did that, and they could not get into the house or the wood shop they decided to burn them both to the ground. They burned the house and the shop completely to the ground. By the time Lafayette fire department got there, all they could do was contain the fires from spreading to the other two homes that were connected by a small back yard. When he told me this, and told me tat he was outside, with a water hose trying to keep the fire from coming to the one home that his lived in, at 2:00 a.m., it broke my heart.

My Dad is a diabetic and is not in the best health. He does not drink smoke or do any type of drugs. Last month he was admitted into the hospital for a blood clot in his leg. They did as much as they could but at the end of the day, the had to amputate his leg. He now has a clot in his lung. The hospital is going to discharge him soon. So this is the plan....

Lafayette is buying properties to demolish so they can build a highway. They Want to buy his two lots ( each lot contains one building ) but can not do that until the taxes are paid on the properties. He is on disability and has no insurance to cover the arson. The taxes are a little over $4,000. Once those are paid, the state will start the buying process. It could take up to a year. I spoke to a city official and he assured me he would do all he could to make it final in under 6 months after taxes were paid.

I am trying to raise this money to help my father sell the properties so that I can move him to Pennsylvania so that I can take care of him in his golden years. He deserves to be comfortable in this part of his life. He has done everything that he could to help others and now I am praying, and very hopeful that there are enough people out there to help him. I am 30 years old and not a wealthy person. I live hand to mouth right now and have a family to take care of here in PA. I send him money when i can and call him every day. Its just not enough.

With the monies that are earned trough this fundraiser, I will pay his taxes on the property, and with the rest of the funds it will go to a chair so that he can be mobile and a prosthesis because his insurance will not cover either of them.

I can verify all the information, in detail, with pictures and hospital records. If you would like to speak to me or my father to confirm the validity of this need, I would be more than happy to abide. I will do what ever it takes.

I miss him terribly. I am doing everything in my power to help him. With the money from the sale of the properties he will have enough to buy a small home here in PA. But his time is running out and he is not safe where he is now. We need your help. I will give any info requested as proof. I am scared to death that I will not get him the help he needs in time and I do not have the means to do this on my own. He is a good man and needs this help in the worst way.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. If you can not donate, please say a prayer for him. That will go a long way.

I will also see to it that money from the properties go back to he people who donate, or another cause. I will pay it forward.

My name is Chris Capen.

my email address is

If you can think of anything that I can do to help him please reach out to me.

Thank you all again.

Best regards,



Organized by

Christopher Capen

This is a direct to organizer fundraiser.

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