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Africa Agenda

Africa Agenda
CROWDRISE : Mar 06, 2012
Tax ID: 54-2165702
BASED: Denver, CO, United States


Africa Agenda

Changing African News

Neglecting the truth about current African reality and reporting only what affects the media bottom line is counterproductive and dangerous. Africa Agenda gives voice to those who agree that the reporting of African news needs a change. We are your messenger and we are taking this message to audiences far and wide.

Africa Agenda promotes positive African news


Our Mission

Africa Agenda fosters understanding and engagement with Africa and African society in a fair and unbiased way.


Africa Agenda envisions a world in which the vibrant contributions of Africa and African society make a better life for everyone.


Africa Agenda seeks to:

  1. Identify, track and disseminate unreported African news.
  2. Provide meaningful opportunities for exchange between African and American communities to facilitate valuable discourse on democracy, culture, business and economics.

Tax ID: 54-2165702 •


Pitch In, Lets Change African News

Pitch In, Lets Change Africa…

Amount Raised:



11% Raised of $2,500 Goal