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Africa Development Promise

Our mission is to drive the collective action of rural entrepreneurial women to advance sustainable business and economic independence in rural East African communities.


Empowering women farmers and supporting their efforts to achieve economic independence is a priority for Africa
Development Promise. With programs in Rwanda and Uganda, ADP ensures that women farmers are poised to capitalize on East Africa’s increased market-based approaches in agriculture. In fragile rural economies, small, single-owned enterprises tend to fail because the individual cannot bear to take the risk alone. We promote the cooperative/collective enterprise model and deliver programs that strengthen governance and management, build technical skills, and provide farm inputs and infrastructure support. Over time, we have learned that we need to look beyond just agriculture and instead adopt a multi-faceted that embraces women’s diverse roles. Chief among them is access to sustainable and affordable electricity for home lighting and productive use. Studies have shown, that when women earn an income, family health, education and well-being improve.