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African Children

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                        GIVE GOOD LIFE 
Give good life has its african children who need help.


work for the welfare development, the development of rural grassroots.
It aims to promote rural and professional integration, fight against the killings of Albinos, witchcraft and unemployment by creating innovative activities and generating income of the beneficiaries of care.
Accompanying these.
Children are often the silent victims of the HIV and AIDS Guerree victim, and many other dangerous disease that is ravaging the African continant.
Listen to African children cry
I open this post with the song "Heal the World" of the late Michael Jackson in the background.
The words ring in my ears and dreams come to my head.
Dreams! God showed me that a world without violence, without threats, for you, for me and especially for all humanity.
Where there will be more this look.
Those innocent eyes flooded suffering that haunt me for years.
They call me, begging me, horrify me.
Alas! This morning, in the same street, same place, that look was there.
And as the pages of an open book, I read everything.
These children abandoned to themselves.
The street has no secrets for them!
In Cameroon, they are thrown in jail to suit the mood of the "big".
When President or personality happens, they are swept!
Some are sold, kidnapped!
And I come back to me.
As a start after a bad dream! Songs go in a loop.
I wonder: is it only in Cameroon?
In Togo, children have lost their innocent smiles
Oh no! Suffering is reflected in the words of children.
In their native Togo, children lack everything, even of parental affection, sometimes!
At school, it is unstable because these little toddlers are often expelled for unpaid tuition.
They end up getting tired, to be ashamed and decide to simply stay home.
And as if that were not enough, for those who arrive to continue, the lack of resources greatly limit their yields.
They are either educated at a discount, or end up just hang. Then began the trials, the will to make small jobs to help the family, or at least to support yourself.
They then have between 9 and 14 years and are already out of school and face the harsh realities of life.
Precariousness, vices, bad habits are the lot of many of them.
Barely out of childhood, they linked together small jobs for those who are docile, or trying to get by, those who want to play hard.
In Cotonou, small "Vidomegon" get up at dawn
The words of the late Michael Jackson overflow me.
How to make the world better when Sinatou Saka, from Benin, plunge into misery.
In Cotonou, Sinat said she met each morning at Dantokpa market, the largest market in Benin, the "Vidomegon".
Aged between 7 and 13 years, many children roam the early morning displays, or to ask a few pieces to survive the morning vendors or to open shops of their mistresses.
Yes child labor, talk in this country of West Africa.
A stone's throw from Togo and neighboring Côte d'Ivoire.
These "Vidomegon" are given by their parents or by intermediaries to wealthy families in large cities.
In the latter, they suffer mostly physical abuse and are treated to the limit as slaves.
They are given the most difficult task forces them to wake up early and go to bed very late.
As one can imagine, they are not entitled as children of the host family to attend school or health care.
In Ghana, the little "boys" die hard
Carlos Amevor lives in Ghana.
Leaving his Togo, he thought live another reality of children's lives.
Alas! The little "boys" go fishing, hunting with dad.
No chance to go to school! Those entrusted to third parties, are abused every day.
In the streets, the galley is the same! Suffering, read on their faces!
In Côte d'Ivoire, child slaves in cocoa fields
In Ivory Coast, begging has become "normal" children.
Idriss Baba Fofana walked me through his words in these dark streets of Abidjan.
Between trafficking in children in cocoa plantations and cross-border trafficking of children, toothless smiles disappear like a bird flying.
Poor parents lend their children in the cocoa fields.
And some fall into the arms of child traffickers.
Sad reality as FBI launched me.
Child soldiers in CAR
And the Central African Republic (CAR) neighbor, cannon shots resound. Eh yes! But in addition, the children's eyes lose their innocence in the rubble.
Mahamat Baba observed Eric, this little boy aged 8 years.
Dressed in black pants, shirtless, sad disoriented, he was at home.
Like most kids his age, Eric is a case of children neglected by the school system.
His parents did not have enough money to enroll in school.
They are ignored by lack of political will (war raging there) and because of poverty.
Over 50% of children of primary school age are not in school.
Since December 2012, more than 500,000 children do not attend school because of events related to the coup of 24 March.
Institutions are still deserted because of the growing insecurity, cases of travel ...
The current situation in the Central African results in a serious humanitarian and food crisis that particularly affects many children.
Some children were enrolled in the troops.
to end trafficking and child slavery
In this continant Africa, it is traditional that children from poor rural families are sent in a family,
in town for several years.
Albinos in Africa, murder and witchcraft
In recent years, some countries in Africa, albinos are victims of extremely barbaric persecution.
In Tanzania, a group of albino children and presents the origins of this discrimination every day more victims.
Since 2013, a belief invaded the villages of the country, killing and torture of more than fifty albino children.
An association is responsible to denounce and support victims and, meanwhile, the government multiplies information campaigns.
The first trial began in 2014 and has already sentenced four culprits. But the road to acceptance is still long.
In my opinion (2014), the biggest cause of inequality for men and women "young" "0 to 18" is the emergence of a generation whose level of education (academic and cultural) is TOTALLY inequality with the challenges of the labor market but also the requirement of participation in community and civic life.
This is my "real index ENIGMA"
The social gap always existed.
However, it is potentiated by a cultural gap.
"I want a real partnership - Network" where 4-6 PROFESSIONALS would share their potential win-win (art exhibition, press, communication, etc ...)
Primary objectives of the African child
Girls and boys should all have the same rights.
However, in some countries, this is not always the case.
"Girls-children" are actually the FUTURE of the world.
My Heart Cry for African people
My Heart Cry face misery in this beautiful African continant
My school to Heart Cry Afriacain
My mediation mission allowed me to note two important points for me should motivate us to act before it is too late for continant African.
These two points are in my humble sense:
If YESTERDAY fighting for some was even closer to subordinate Africa Children
TODAY Africa Children fights for the well being of children in Africa.
Indeed, it seems that we are talking today to see the CONTROL of Africa change its policy, ethnicity, tribe or village within its African head of state and political group.
I wish while each other know that beyond a mediation initiative, it is my mission to an improvement for these children of Africa.
That children are taken hostage by the HUNGER, POVERTY relatives in the unemployment, POVERTY cultural attitudes tribalisées even "patriotisées" according to clans in all price ...
My heart cry is this:
I appeal to the human sense of each other.
Money that should not kill the Human sense in us.
All those who have access to decision-makers from Africa tell them that we want and that they MERCY do something.
They act differently to rescue an abused and distressed people!
The solution is not to send their children to the United States, Europe, while forgetting the African school.
As each other multiply social and charitable works while decreasing the sense of tribalized politicking that is about to lead Africa straight into the forfeiture wall.
Let all those who can help African school come to the rescue.
Let those who have the ability to create "core canteens", "Heart schools" do so because-African Child today is not able to eat more than once a day.
And go see their conditions in the schools of a country like the Ivory Coast, which is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary pump "self-management".
Forgive do something! Let's do something! The largest collapses in this continant Africa today by the lack of some leader!
The "Go and Come" politicians in "Tango dance" plunges Africa a little more each day in misery.
While the people are organizing themselves a bit more active in social and charitable activities while avoiding any notion of popular uprising (Africa does not need Genocide ...)
In short, each of us make an effort, a sacrifice self in the best interests of this continant instead of contemplating in the debates of Hate, free Cruel, senseless jealousy, wild Tribalism, political corruption, tribe or ethnic group that plunges more African people in an unprecedented insecurity.
Thank you to all those who find meaning in this message.

My video scene
The scene takes place in Mozambique. A shy girl, educated in kindergarten, outperforms numeracy and spelling his classmates who have not benefited from preschool education. They will fight again for years with problems

As for those who believe the messages according to the author or by ethnicity of the perpetrator or so who take the truths of injuries, they save me any kind of smallness.
I wanted to laugh at the end of this class ticket, but I could not.
To give me hope, Africa Children offers a struggle against poverty.
For Africa Children, education should be free.
Africa Children a new policy of education must be thinking.
For Africa Children, a child being educated is a man who wins.
Dear Presidents of Africa, UNICEF, UNESCO, UN ... Hear the cry of the children of Africa.
Above all, do not tell me "it-will-go" ...
                   Africa Children


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African Children

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