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African Mission & School

Organized by: Heather Martini

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EVENT DATE Oct 03, 2014


We’ve seen Nail Polish Freeing Women From Prostitution: We arrived in Mozambique Friday afternoon.  At 5:oo pm a group of 15 missionaries piled in the back of a land rover.  We were briefed on the way. The men in our group would stand at a distance outside as guards for us and for the women coming into the Nail Salon.  The men would get to talk, pray, and develop relationships with the men who were looking for women. That night Rory was able to talk and pray with a group of men. The women missionaries would enter a small bamboo Nail Shop, set up by our mission base with benches and dirt floors.  We would sit on the dirt floor painting nails, talking, praying, and building relationships with the women involved in prostitution. We were warned that some would be as young as 9.  In their culture it is viewed as a reasonable way to get food and shelter, it is not really seen as prostitution.                                                                                        I had the honor of spending my first evening in Mozambique painting these beautiful women’s nails laughing with them, chatting, and praying for them. The women were all invited to be part of a small group geared toward their needs. At the group they receive counseling, prayer, develop deep friendships, learn life skills and even have the opportunity to enter a trade program and schooling.  I was able to help with the Salon Trade Program. It was such an honor to be a part of their healing. --Heather Martini

In February 2013, Rory and Heather went on a 3-week mission trip to Mozambique, Africa. There they worked with Iris Ministries in some aspects of their beautiful nationally transforming ministry. They helped with programs like:
Pemba Children’s Center: Iris has many Orphanages around the world called Children’s centers.  They never call the children orphans.  They call them family.  Every 5-8 children have 2 local widows that live with them and are their house momma. Pemba’s Children’s Center has 150 children that receive education, vocational training, discipleship, counseling, medical care, fun activities, presents, food, and lots of love and hugs. Rory and Heather stayed at Pemba’s Center and helped and were able to be part of many of these areas.                                         The Local Village Children’s Program:  Daily feeding 200-300 starving children, developing relationships with them & their families. The children have the opportunity to get sponsored for school. Many of their parents get sponsored for the trade programs so they can begin to provide for their families.
Education Programs: Iris has a fully staffed school preschool-12th grade and a Trade Education Program for older students and the Adults from their different out reaches.                                                                                                    Programs For Hospitals, Jails, Widows and Abandoned Mothers Bush Village Outreaches: To support small churches and reach un-reached peoples.  Rory and Heather both had the huge honor of preaching and sharing their testimonies in these villages and praying for the crowds of people that responded.                                                                                              Rehabilitation, Relationship Building and Trade Education for Women Leaving Prostitution

Follow at:

This October through December Rory and Heather will be returning to Africa. They will be attending Iris Harvest School of Missions to receive practical and theological missions training. Monday-Friday mornings they will be attending classes. Afternoons, evenings, and weekends they will be working with the full-time staff being trained in all the fields of ministry that Iris does. They will be working and training at 3 of Iris’s many bases in Africa. They will be helping with the above listed ministries and will also be working with outreaches to townships in South Africa and to people living in the garbage dumps. In addition, this year Mozambique has experienced catastrophic flooding and there is so much work to be done to rebuild the roads and homes that were lost. They are also excited to be going to help with this work.                                                                   Completion of this practical missions school will enable them to work long term with Iris and is a certificate of ministry to work with other organizations.

Our Goal: Our heart as a couple is to continue working in missions throughout our lives in whatever way God shows us, whether in developed or undeveloped countries, part time or living full time in the areas He opens for us. We feel strongly called to work with broken and outcast people. We want to learn from this ministry that is transforming peoples lives that have come from such devastating circumstances. We want to be able to continue to use these skills in our lives. Also the heart and vision of love this ministry carries makes us so excited and honored to be able to serve and learn under them.          -- Rory & Heather


About Iris Ministries:

Iris Ministries has missions in over 30 countries, they feed over 10,000 people a day, and they have over 20 children’s centers and have established over 4,000 Churches.  The founders of Iris, Heidi and Roland Baker have been working in missions for over 20 years.  We have both read their books for years about the amazing trials, sacrifices, brake through miracles, the deep love and close friendships they build with the people they work with.  For more information on Iris Ministries:                                                                  

Rory has trusted God for years in this way.  It took me longer to get there. I had read theirs books “Completed by Love” and “Always Enough” that talked about the start of their ministry in Africa.  In the book they told about the first 150 orphans and street children they worked with, trying to find enough food and to build a center for them. I told God the sacrifices they made were so hard I don’t know if it would be worth it.  I don’t know if I could say yes to something so hard.  On our last mission trip our Cultural Advisor and friend was one of the Baker’s first 150 children.   Then the last night of our last mission in Mozambique our friend told us his story.  As he told his story I was overwhelmed at this amazing man in his 20’s is alive today because of the Baker’s sacrifices. To see the result of the Baker’s choosing to really love like Jesus in this man in front of me who is a worship leader, a translator, a cultural advisor, and studying to be a lawyer, changed me.  I told God it is worth it. I will say yes even if it is hard and I don’t see how to do it. --Heather

“When I was a baby my mother put me in a box in the road hoping I’d get run over because she couldn’t take care of me. The military thought the box might be a bomb so they stopped to inspect the box and found me. They took me with them from base to base. For my first six years I remember a lot of guns and traveling. When I was six my grandmother somehow found me and claimed me; I lived with her for a year, then she told me she couldn’t take care of me and I would have to leave. I was on the streets lost, hungry and scared. I kept asking myself how could I love?  One day I heard a voice so loud say, “ I am sending someone to take care of you. You can go live with them.” I looked around for the person talking but couldn’t find them.

Now a week later, Heidi and her family were in the area talking to street children and asking them if they wanted a home.  I was scared because people always said to run if you see a white person, they will kidnap you or give you poison candy and you will wake up without your organs!  I saw this white lady coming toward me and tried to run but something was holding me still.  She knelt in front of me and asked me “Would you like to come live with me?  I will take care of you.”  I shook my head yes.  I couldn’t believe she asked me the same words.  I thought the voice must have been God! 

They became my family with 150 brothers and sisters.  After a while the government took our land because we worshiped Jesus.  The Bakers told us they could not feed us and didn’t know what to do.  We told the Bakers we would rather starve with them and be loved than to starve alone. 

They took us to live in their small apartment.  It was very hard.  We were very hungry but worshiped freely and we were loved.  One day a lady brought a small pot of corn meal for Heidi’s family to eat.  Heidi told her, my family is very big.  Heidi started to dish up the food to everyone!  She was so busy yelling at God that He told them to do this and He had to be faithful that she didn’t notice that we were all coming for seconds and thirds!  We were all so happy and full we just laid in the yard rubbing our full bellies.  Heidi then realized, as the last bowl was served, the miracle God had done.  We have had some very hard times since then, but we have never starved again”—Our Friends Story.


How to be Involved:

PRAYER:  Please be praying for Rory and Heather in the preparation, for the trip and for the people of Mozambique! We don’t see God's will accomplished on this earth like Jesus taught us to pray, without us actually praying.  If your business or church is interested in meeting with Heather & Rory about this trip, would like them to speak about the trip, or if you have any questions please contact them at: Heather 701-269-9163, Rory 701-269-5642, or

Donations:  If God draws your heart to support them financially you can donate through this site, Mail Your Donation To: 208 1/2 3rd st SW, Jamestown, ND 58401, or Give through First Baptist Church: 409 3rd Ave SE Jamestown, ND 58401

If you choose to donate through their website you will receive a tax-deductible receipt through email.  Please do not view any donation as small.  It will be a huge blessing.  Thank you for your prayer and for praying about donating.


















Thank you so much for any and all of your prayers and your support! Even what may feel like a little, has a huge impact! 

May God bless you abundantly more than you could think or imagine! 

Heather & Rory

We are locally also associated with:                                                                             1st Baptist Church Jamestown, ND  (701) 952-1777                                                     New Life Ministry Jamestown, ND (701) 873-5400



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