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Holiday Spirit?  Do Something to Make It Better!


So many people of every persuasion are dismayed at where we find ourselves today. 


The anger, frustration, fear and despair so many people are feeling, tied to random acts of violence,  tends to polarize communities, increase division and enhance stereotypes—All of which make life harder for those who are already coping with loss, distress, depression and trauma.


But it doesn’t have to be that way.


Politics doesn't decide what kind of country we're living in, people do. Sensitivity and compassion are not things that lie outside of ourselves, they lie within.


Working together we can do something to make things better!


And it starts by helping those who are most fragile, vulnerable and marginalized; those who fall through our city’s safety net.  This includes adolescents, the elderly, victims, immigrants, the unemployed, our veterans, those impacted by sexual identity and gender issues and so many more.


Suicide is increasing in this country (including NYC), statistics show significant increases in young woman, 10-14 year olds and middle-age men.  In fact, more New Yorkers die from suicide than homicide, with 1 in 5 residents experiencing a psychological disorder each year and 18% of our high school students saying they considered suicide in the previous year.


This is why the work of Samaritans is so important. Samaritans is NYC's only community-based organization devoted to preventing suicide and saving lives. 


For over 30 years our staff and hundreds of caring volunteers have responded to people in need 24 hours a day.  Our 24-hour crisis hotline has responded to over 1.3 million calls.  Our public education program has trained over 40,000 health providers.  And our support groups for those who have lost loved ones to suicide has provided solace to over 1,000 people.


Research shows so much of the harmful behavior people direct at themselves or others can be prevented with the emotional support and crisis response services Samaritans provides every day.


And, as you can imagine with the world we are living in today, the need for our services is constantly increasing to the point it is harder and harder to keep up with the demand.  For example, during election week, calls to suicide hotlines increased over 250% around the country.


When you contribute to the work of Samaritans you help people struggling to cope with every problem or illness imaginable—from AIDS, Alzheimer’s, cancer and diabetes to victims of violent crime and sexual abuse to those impacted by stigma, like the mentally ill and people dealing with sexual/gender identity issues, etc.  For without care and support, every problem can lead to isolation, depression, trauma, self-harming and suicidal behavior.


So when we ask you to contribute to our cause, you know it will make a difference!


And your support is increased three-fold because Samaritans volunteers donate over $750,000 a year in free labor, keeping our overhead low and ensuring your donation goes directly to our free, immediately accessible services.


Please share this message with the people you know—friends, family, colleagues--post it on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media platform and include it in your holiday mailings.


Wishing you health and happiness in the New Year.


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