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A Gift Of Life And Love

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This may not be the gift you were expecting – but if you would truly like to save one – or even many lives – and to make a hugely important difference in the world – please read on.

Suicide is such an unnecessary waste of life – and if you know a family affected by the suicide of a mother, a father or a child – you will also know just what a devastating effect that loss has on the ones left behind.

Maybe you can imagine for a moment how it might feel to be so fearful, so ashamed and such a failure in life that you can see no other way out.

I can’t say I ever thought about the pain and suffering of people in deep debt – all the fear, horror, shame and humiliation of losing your home, your marriage, your possessions and even your children – until I became one of those people myself.

Until it became the only thing I could think about – I didn’t understand – or even consider – how absolutely terrifying and desperately soul destroying it can be – to have no money to pay your bills – to lose everything you owned – and to have nothing left to give as gifts to friends and family or to the world – in the way you would so much like to do.

If you don't like long stories - then why not just go ahead and donate right now to become a wonderful sponsor of the FREE Prosperity Program right now - to save precious lives - and to make a really important difference in the world.

Or if you want to know what this project is all about and why I set it up - here's the rest ...

Perhaps if you did give any thought to people struggling with debt – which most of us don’t – you may have imagined they just needed to work harder – or that they didn’t deserve your concern or your support – even though they are of course all children of God – just the same.

And now I can tell you from my own experience – that in most cases nothing could be further from the truth.
In fact for me – the complete opposite was true.

I spent more than 30 years giving everything I had to serve others – as a medical doctor, a psychotherapist, a sexual and relationship therapist, an energy healer and a life coach. I spent pretty much all my money and time – not on having fun – or on ‘things’ for me – but on researching and studying ever better ways to help people – until finally – not realizing I was doing nothing to replenish myself all this while – I found myself burned out and struggling.

When I just couldn’t face going to the office any more because I was so tired and so fearful of making a mistake – I handed over my medical practice – for nothing – and began to live on my savings – while trying to work out what to do next.

I was exhausted but I still didn’t let myself rest because I knew my savings wouldn’t last.

Tired as I was – I convinced myself there had to be a way to make money on the Internet – after all so many people were doing it already – without any previous experience – and with little or no skill – so why wouldn’t it be possible for me.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was so depleted and had so many hidden unsupportive beliefs about myself, about my right and my ability to succeed and to have fun and also about money – that – even though I invested all the money I had left – and then all my credit – in one new business after another – and spent even more hours working than I had done in all my years as a doctor and therapist – I somehow managed to ‘mess up’ each time. In fact the harder I tried – the more messed up things seemed to get – until I had no money and no credit left – no home and no possessions.

I even had suicidal thoughts at times – but – unlike the many whose lives are so unnecessarily lost that way – and whose families lives are shattered as a result – I was lucky enough to believe there had to be a reason for what I was going through – and there still had to be hope – however bad things seemed.

So – though it was hard at times – I focused as much as I could on what I had left – all the love of my family and close friends – the food I had to eat – the warm bed I had to sleep in – on my health and my body and on all the wonderful senses I still had to enjoy the best of each day – the beautiful views of the surf, the sound and the feel of the sea and the wind, the spray and the sun and even the rain.

And – even though it wasn’t always easy to believe – I asked for help from Divine guidance.
As a result – along with getting help for myself – to replenish my own energy – it also came to me that I could use this horrendous experience to help others.

I realized there was a lack of real support and help for people in the situation I’d found myself in – and how important it was now to set up a completely free program to support and teach people step by step how it is possible to transform deepest debt into prosperity and happiness.

And that’s how and why I came to be offering the gift of The FREE Prosperity Program – starting with on line teaching and support – and in time – with enough funding – I aim to set up local support and teaching groups too – to make sure no one else ever needs to suffer alone or to take that lonely and very painful step into suicide.

Your own opportunity in all this is – if you choose – first to get the benefits of The FREE Prosperity Program for yourself – even if you are not in debt there is a great deal more you will learn about life, love and increasing prosperity – and at the same time – this is your opportunity to give a gift of life and love.

You now have the chance to save not just one but many lives – and not just from suicide – but as a result of all the great things the people who go through the program will go on to do as a result of the love and support you are showing when you become a sponsor of The FREE Prosperity Program. [you also stand to win a whole lot of great prizes too of course ;]

In addition - if you would like yourself or your company to have a sponsors link from the FREE Prosperity Program to your website that will be my pleasure – just let me know.

And if you have any other questions or comments or would like to help or contribute in any other way please feel free to contact me by email at

To give a gift of life and love right now - become a sponsor of The FREE Prosperity Program - any gift is welcome - however small or large.

Thank You.



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