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CROWDRISE : Jun 25, 2010
Tax ID: 31-1758218
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Our Mission

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Our focus is to lift women and children, in rural Ethiopia, out of extreme poverty.

A Glimmer of Hope developed an entrepreneurial model to provide clean water, schools, health clinics and micro-finance loans. In 10 years, we have completed more than 4,000 projects and improved 2.5 million lives.

Using photos, video and GPS coordinates of every project, we prove that 100% of all donations go straight to the projects on the ground. Because A Glimmer of Hope pays all operating expenses through our endowment, we are able to offer you a unique opportunity to help some of the poorest people on earth lift themselves out of poverty.

Start an online fundraising campaign here or at, where 100% will go to the project you choose.

We started with a simple intention - to relieve some of the pain and suffering in the world. It’s about justice, dignity, human rights and the belief that where you live should not determine whether you live or whether you die.

A Glimmer of Hope and our founders, Donna and Philip Berber, were recently recognized as being among The 25 Best Givers in the world by Barron’s Magazine placing sixth on the list based on impact and effectiveness.

A Glimmer of Hope takes a holistic approach to development that starts with listening to communities describe what it is that they truly need and want. We then partner with local organizations and each community to build sustainable, long-term solutions, usually in 12-18 months. We buy the bricks, they build the walls. We buy the pumps, they dig the wells.

We are social investors seeking social profit. For us social profit lies in the lives of the women and children in rural communities across Ethiopia. Every life counts, no matter how far away it is. Start an online fundraising campaign today. Change one life. Change the world.

photos courtesy of Esther Havens and Lynne Dobson

Tax ID: 31-1758218 •


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