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The Project will build a combined 12-classroom (8 classrooms for grades 1-8; 4 classroom for grades 9-12) primary and secondary school to provide free education to over 3,000 children who live in the most remotest and the poorest village in South Sudan. The school will provide these children with safe environment and also increase girls enrollment in schools. Tax ID 20-5144695



There are currently more than 20, 000 residents living in Makuach village in Lol State, South Sudan. Makuach village is the most remote and the poorest village and has no schools. The village has over 3000 school age children and youth, majority of them are between 5 and 14 years old, who are experiencing the risks of high illiteracy and extreme poverty. Children walk for long distances through the forests and bushes that endangers their lives and negatively affects their right education.


The school will educate children to reduce illiteracy and protect them from unsafe environment. The project will bring school closure to children. Children will no longer walk a long distance searching an education. They will no longer face the animals attacks when they walk from homes to schools and from schools back homes. The school building will protect those children who today learn in under trees school from injuries and deaths cause by falling tree branches.

Long-Term Impact

The project will educate all village children gaining skills and knowledge they need to close illiteracy gap and become less poverty stricken. The project will positively affect more than 3,000 children every year receiving free and a better learning education. The project will increase a number of girls who have been denied access to education enroll in a school.The project will also increase a number of graduate students who will in turn help build their communities and the nation.

What We Do:

Aid and Care

  • Builds schools for village children without education in a new Republic of South Sudan. South Sudan is the world's newest African's nation. 
  • Provides shelters, food , cloth, health care and education to orphaned children and youth in South Sudan, Rwanda, and Ethiopia
  • Trains community health workers to rise health awareness in the areas where health information does not exist
  • Builds a new clnics and rovides health facilities to local areas with existing poorest health facilities in South Sudan

The Lattest Need:

We are currently doing fundraising for building a school for 3000 children without school and education and teachers in Makuach village, South Sudan.

We are also commited to raising funds toward EduGO Project, a project that assists most disadvantageous girls and orphans with paying their school tuitions.  

We hope to raise $100,000 ($75,000 towards school building; $25,000 for sponsoring 25 girls and orphans in high schools and colleges for 4 years) by the end of year and early in 2018.  

We hope to count on you and  help us achieve this goal.  Please visit the links for information about our fundraising activities.

Thank you so much for assisting who are experiencing unjust suffering whose their hopes is your kind gift.