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Organized by: Stephanie Tuffey

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AIDAN NEEDS YOUR HELP!!!!! My son Aidan is a very bright and happy 6 year old boy who has developmental delays and sensory processing disorders and is on the autism scale. Due to this Aidan has been receiving special needs services since he was about 2 1/2. He started attending a special needs program and had his first school IEP when he turned 3. Since then he has grown tremendously and has benefited from those services. Aidan has made great strides and has overcome so many challenges in just the past few years! It has been amazing to watch him attain his IEP goals and speak clearly! When Aidan was making the transition into Kindergarten, his IEP team and myself agreed that we would take him out of the self-contained classroom and place him in a mainstream classroom as his only prominent delay (at that time) was he was slightly behind on the Social/Emotional level. The purpose of placing him into the mainstream classroom with consulting services was to have the children in the mainstream classroom setting help Aidan build upon his skills and in return, Aidan would help bring them up academically as Aidan has always scored very high academically. The interaction with students was crucial to helping Aidan pick up on social queues, allowing others a chance to speak and learning how to see emotions in the other children. Aidan had a wonderful year in Kindergarten, academically. Yes, we had a few bumps in the road with bullying and Aidan being assaulted by other students. These were challenges and were never really resolved but we moved forward hoping for a better tomorrow and the best for Aidan. In May, we were invited to attend Aidan's Kindergarten Graduation via invitations sent home in Aidan's folder. I attended the graduation and the performance, which was very lovely. After the ceremony, the children were to take their parents to their desk to proudly share their accomplishments over the course of the year. Aidan avoided showing me HIS seat. He would should me other children's seats and I caught on to what he was doing. Finally, I said, "Aidan, I want to see your work and where you spend your day." Sadly, Aidan took me to the very back corner of the classroom where all the cubbies are located and showed me a desk, isolated from the rest of his classmates, telling me this is where he sits, in the "lonely desk." My heart immediately broke and my body filled with anger. I approached Aidan's teacher and aide asking about the desk and why he was isolated from everyone. His teacher told me they were told to do this "per the principal" and the aide went on to tell me "Aidan has adapted very well to the seat and likes it." At this point I left the classroom with Aidan and went down the hall to his Case Manager’s classroom. I asked her why I was not informed he was placed in the corner by himself and she responded she had "no idea." This was the point where I decided enough was enough with this school. I put my trust in the teachers and administration to give my son the proper treatment that was listed on his IEP and that we had agreed to in numerous meetings. Since this is taken place I have contacted an attorney and have decided to pursue legal action against the school district for allowing my son to regress on the Social/Emotional scale, as well as the numerous laws that the school administration has broken in regards to special needs children. Aidan now requires an additional 30 minutes daily of therapy and to date still does not have any friends that will play with him. My heart breaks for my son but I am determined to right this wrong and hold the staff accountable for what they have done. I'm asking for help paying for the legal services to help recoup the money for the additional therapy that I have to pay for over the summer and for the legal fees to hold the school responsible for their neglect and outright disregard for the law. Please help Aidan get the treatment he deserves in the next school year when he enters the first grade and to make sure that this school never again neglects another special needs student! Thank you all for any donation you can make. Even $5 will help us – no donation is too small. God Bless you all.


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Stephanie Tuffey

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