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Aiden, 7: Mixed Martial Arts Lessons Photo
Aiden, 7: Mixed Martial Arts Lessons Photo
Aiden, 7: Mixed Martial Arts Lessons Photo

The Story

When Aiden was one year old he was diagnosed with leukemia and spent the next 5 - 6 years undergoing numerous cancer treatments. Thankfully, Aiden has been in remisison for almost a year.


Now, Aiden wants to be a Mixed Martial Arts master! He's ready to sign up for classes, but he needs help affording weekly lessons and equipment.


"As a father, I would like to see him live the life of a normal little boy. He has always loved Karate Kid and Power Rangers and would love to join MMA. He is looking forward to helping around the house to earn his scholar finds and also help his grandmother who suffers from fibromyalgia. He is an awesome kid and deserves to be happy," said Aiden's father.


According to Aiden, "I want to be in mixed martial arts every week because I want to be like the white power ranger and I like to have friends. I want to know how to protect myself from bad guys and be a police officer and fight bad guys."


Aiden is already busy completing volunteer hours to earn this scholarship. Please help us make the hard work pay off by sponsoring this campaign.  


You can either donate money or you can click the red “SET UP YOUR FUNDRAISER” button to start your own campaign for Aiden. Tell everyone the great things you plan to do, and ask your friends and family to support this child by supporting you. You can keep your friends updated about your efforts with photos and updates through your personalized campaign portal!  

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