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CROWDRISE : Jun 26, 2010
Tax ID: 26-3339270
BASED: Greenville, SC, United States


Our business is charity.

We are leaders in media, marketing, technology, and relationship development with a heart for philanthropy. We ensure that charities have the tools and training they need to grow, share their inspirational stories, and leave a lasting impact upon their communities.

"Thousands of mothers, kids, men and women have benefited from this project.”
Kyra Hamann, 
United States Embassy Association

AidJoy is working with the charity Project Amazonas and the Ministry of Health in the Loreto Region of Peru to expand medical programs in remote areas of the Peruvian Amazon.


2009: Prior to the partnerships with AidJoy these organizations provided medical aid to 1,500 people in remote communities.  


2013: Today 9,000 people are receiving medical aid.


2015: Siemens AG is the title sponsor of our newest medical clinic.  This medical clinic will provide care for 45,000 people living in remote areas of the Peruvian Amazon.  This clinic will provide quality medical aid to the region for the first time in history.

Tax ID: 26-3339270 •


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