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AIMS provides the unique, life-changing opportunity for American singers and musicians to begin their careers in the exciting world of European opera. Armed with coaching from the greats, proper musical techniques and an understanding of European culture, Americans leave AIMS inspired and prepared to enter the next stage in their lives. Tax ID 75-1360233


AIMS hosts a six-week program with incredible one-on-one instruction from professional opera houses and opera training programs throughout Europe and America.

AIMS was founded in 1969 to give American singers a way to learn about and audition for the European opera system. Without the type of training provided through AIMS, many American hopefuls find it nearly impossible to make the right connections and start their careers as musicians in Europe.

Located in the beautiful city of Graz, Austria, the AIMS program teaches young musicians to:

  • Emphasize vocal technique
  • Choose appropriate repertoire
  • Perfect audition techniques
  • Build skills required for a professional music career in Europe

As a non-profit organization, AIMS is supported by the work and passion of many volunteers, donors and music-lovers around the world.