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Aja Ebi

Aja Ebi
Vancouver, BC Canada
Stuff About Me:

The story should really be called “Find My Mommy”... Hi, My name is Camille and I am an Animal Whisperer.
Animals, usually strays, are just drawn to me. I feel their feelings and understand their needs. There was a time when an abused puppy got away from it’s “master” and walked ½ mile through the fields to my house and whimpered at my gate to be let in. When the master was out looking/calling for her by beating the grass with a stick and yelling “Dog, come here dog”, she hid under my legs and looked up at me with puppy dog eyes that said “Don’t tell him I’m here, please.” She has now been part of my family for the last 5 years and 3 countries and that’s her sitting beside me.

Since this is a daily part of my life, I am spending a lot of time on helping stray animals - feeding, spaying and neutering, fostering, and placing them in forever homes whenever I can. This led to me seeing the scope of the issue of strays around the world, (10 million lost pets per year worldwide) and then leading from that research, the number of missing pets on a daily basis around the world (1,141 lost pets per hour). In fact, one in three pets will become lost at some point in its life.

So I decided to get someone to develop the FindMyPet apps and websites for me back in early 2015.
Unfortunately, costs rose, and since I was financing the development out of pocket, I had to put a stop to it.
Since the app has no cost to use, and there is no advertising on it, and I don’t have any way to make money with it, it was suggested to me that I do a Kickstarter or Indiegogo or other Crowdfunding campaign. I have plans to do that, but it takes time to get it started and then you don’t get the money until you raise it all, etc. I don’t want to wait that long to help lost pets.

So, this is why I am asking for donations - either a small monthly subscription or a one-time donation, to help me get the Android version completed, complete the server back-end, and then contract someone to do the iPhone version.

People ask me why I am doing my own when there are already a few apps out there already.
I studied them all, and came up with the main issues being:

  • They are localized (for a single town or state)
  • They have a cost to use (We are 100% FREE)
  • They are limited in features
  • You have to pre-sign up and register your pets
  • You have to go through a registration process that takes time
  • They don’t work anymore.

I wanted something quick and simple to use, especially when flustered because you can’t find your pet. It also has to be useful in the real word. So, the FindMyPet feature list includes:

  • Less than a 2 minute process to get your pet’s information out to the network, with the ability to add more information later
  • Uploading of up to 5 photos of the pet and uploading of up to 5 “sound files” of you calling your pet that can be played to coax him/her to come. (My husband uses this feature when I am away and he needs to get the cats in the house at night.)
  • Simple simple simple to use, and constant feedback from the users on how to make it even simpler

That, and many more options as listed above, and we are constantly thinking of new things to make your pet’s life easier, safer, and happier.

Again, I thank you in advance for donating if you can, and even if you can’t, please make sure you have the app installed on your phone so that you can help with the Crowdfinding of the lost pets.



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